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  1. I currently have an attorney from my workplace that is helping me file for a GC through EB2-NIW. It has been almost a year since I-140 was filed. I am filing I-485 soon. I expect the entire I-485 adjustments to take a long time, maybe until 2018. I have been advised by the attorney that after GC approval I should not change jobs, because it will be constitute as fraud as I petitioned by EB2-NIW based on the fact that I am a R&D scientist. However, job prospects are really poor, and I plan to move to do R&D in IT/Tech by 2018. Will there be any issues of changing fields immediately after getting EB2-NIW approved, considering it will take 2+ years since I first filed? If yes, can this be mitigated? Right now at my job, I am doing work that moves to closer to IT/Tech, and I can "demonstrate" how my work has "naturally" and progressively changed to be more IT/Tech relevant over time. Will that help?
  2. I'm currently on the OPT STEM Extension. Can the STEM Extension (not the original 12mth OPT) be revoked by Executive Order or must that go through Congress? When Obama increased the STEM Extension from 17mth to 24mth, I don't recall it going through Congress, so does that means Trump can nullify STEM Extension through the stroke of the pen? Assuming the worst case that Trump either through Executive Order or Congress ends the STEM Extension program, will aliens with EAD card from an approved OPT STEM Extension lose their status? Or will that only affect new applications, i.e. future students will not be able to get STEM Extension.