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  1. Atlanta30328

    L2 EAD

    Hi, I have applied for renewal of my L2 EAD. The EAD is expiring in February 2018. It takes 90 days for the process today is 77th day and no updates. Is there any way I can expedite the request? Does it actually work ?
  2. Atlanta30328

    L2 Visa

    Hi My husband and I moved to US a year back on L1 and L2 visa respectively. He is not from tech. I am also working currently is US. Will the executive letter signed by Trump have any effect on L2 work visa and EAD, can that be revoked? Thanks.
  3. Atlanta30328


    My sister is traveling to US from India in march 2017, she has got her b1/b2 visa. Her tickets are done. In current scenario, will there be any issues for her to travel and enter US?