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  1. Krishnacorleone

    Multiple H1's got picked

    Hi, 2 H1's got picked for me in lottery. Both companies are not related in any way. I'm thinking to continue both applications until one of them gets approved. Is this ok or is it better If I drop one of them. Can someone please advise me on this.
  2. Krishnacorleone

    CPT in 2nd Masters

    Hi , I have taken 6 months CPT and OPT during my first masters. Now I want to apply for second Masters in US. Can I apply for CPT in my second Masters. Please provide suggestions.
  3. Hi, I'm currently on STEM-opt valid till July 2018 .I'm planning to travel to India next week for my MARRIAGE and return back on March 4th 2017. I have the following documents: 1. Valid designated Travel I-20 2. Valid F-1 visa, Valid Indian Passport 3. Employer Letter and Client letter(I'm working for a desi employer for a client -active) 4. Valid OPT card(24 months) Please suggest if it is safe to travel next week and return back without any immigration issue???
  4. Krishnacorleone

    Port of Entry issues after 1/27 Ban?

    I'm in the same situation. Suggestions please
  5. I'm in the same situation , in Stem OPT , have all the above docs and I'm going to India for my marriage which is being held feb 26. Need Suggestions