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  1. My Petition approved on Sep 11th. I got email alert on Sep 11th 5:30 am. I am waiting from my attorney email on H1 duration .Keep you posted.Petition Type: ExtensionPremium Petition Filed: March 19th 2020RFE Received: April 17th 2020RFE Responded: 22 May 2020I94 expiry: June 1st 2020Petition Approved: 11 Sep 2020
  2. I am on same boat too.Applied for H1B Extension on Mar 20 under PP(Texas Center)Got RFE on April 8th.Responded to RFE on May 22 under PP.Still my status is not updated.My Current I94 got expired on Jun 11th...When my employer checked with USCIS they are giving standard response to all of them. "Based on your inquiry, we have reviewed the status of your case and found that it remains under active examination. This office acknowledges the completion of your case being outside of the normal processing time and realizes the inconvenience it may cause. The delay has been necessary in order to ensure thorough processing of your case.Unfortunately, we are unable to provide you with a definitive timeframe at this point. USCIS will notify you if any further information is needed from you or when a decision has been made"
  3. I am on same boat too.. Initiated Extension process in PP in March , got RFE and response back on May 22. Still i haven't received any update from USCIS.It is almost more than one month after submitting documents in PP. My case is filed in Texas center. But one of my friend applied in June 8 under PP , He got approval for 3 years in Vermont center.
  4. I want to share my H1B visa stamping experience in Monterrey, Mexico on Oct 23/24 2019. Mexico Visa: Please obtain a Mexico visa if you don't have a valid US or Canadian visa. This is mandatory and they won't let you in if you don't have a valid visa. There are few more visas on which Mexico allows people in. Please check in their visa portal to know the complete list. I took Mexican Visa and they give it for 6 months.It took only half day to get Mexican visa in Atlanta. Day 1 - 10/22/2019 I took direct Delta flight from Atlanta to Monterrey,3 hrs travel time. POE questions @ Monterrey :- - purpose of your visit? - I told i came for US consulate appointment. - How long you going to stay? - Till Monday They give you a Immigration slip and this is sufficient. Then you will go through the x-ray scan of your baggage and then you are in Mexico officially. It's a pretty easy process. Took Uber from airport hotel. It will mostly cost $13 for 30 miles ride.Uber is very convenient and cheap in Monterrey. I have not taken any visa agent service during my trip. Hotel Stay - Radisson Hotel I highly recommend this hotel in Monterrey. The main reason being its located in a nice neighborhood and they provide shuttle service to ASC appointment and US consulate or any place near 10 miles radius. . You also find nice bars & restaurants right opposite the hotel in a mall. Walk able distance to restaurants and i highly recommend Tok's for breakfast/Lunch or Dinner. Day 2 - 10/23/2019 - Fingerprints: I completed my fingerprints at 11:30 PM and I was all free rest of the day. It took me around 10 mins. You can carry mobile phones but turn it off. Day 2 - 10/24/2019 - Consulate appointment: I had my appointment at 8:15 AM in the morning. I left the hotel around 6:30 AM taking an Uber. (Hotel shuttle starts from 7 AM) I reached the consulate at 7.15 AM and I was allowed inside. Like you already know, no electronics are allowed inside the consulate.there is canteen beside consulate you leave it there for 40 pesos.Cash only. After I was done with the security check, I was told to go to the second building inside. First Counter - You will be screened for your application. The guy inside took around 5 mins for me to go over all the documents online. he didn't ask me for any documents other than passport and I797. You may be asked for physical documents here. So be prepared to show your documents. This counter took around 15 mins in including waiting in the line. Second Counter - They verified my fingerprints in this counter and it was pretty quick. It took around 5 mins. I was asked to stand in a preassigned line. This line was only for the petition based visa applicants. The line was moving pretty fast and I waited for around 5 mins. Someone inside keeps track of this line and they keep sending people one after the other to the actual visa interview counter. Visa counter - I was asked to go to the visa counter Me: Good morning Sir! Visa Officer: Hello, Good Morning! Can you please give me your passport and DS-160 confirmation page? Me: I handed over everything. Visa Officer: How long your in US? Me: xxx years Visa Officer: Have your employer started your GC process? Me: Yes,i have my I-140 approved. Visa Officer: entered someone on her computer. Visa Officer: Ok, what do you do in US? Me: Told Visa Officer: Ok, your visa is approved. You can return on Monday 10/28 to the same location at 2 PM and collect your passport and visa. He handed me a Orange paper mentioning the same as stated above. Me: Thank you, Sir! - No documents asked. There are other two guys went to same and beside counter and got visa approved. Overall, it took around a min at the visa counter. I simply walked out of the consulate. Overall, it took me 45 mins and I was out around 8.10 AM. I took a UBER back to the hotel . I chilled the rest of the day in the hotel and went to local attractions like Santa lucia over weekend.You can also order food in UberEats. Day 3 - 10/28/2019 - Passport collection Took a Hotel shuttle and went to the consulate around 1:30 PM. Collected my passport in 5 mins and it was all perfect. I again took shuttle back to hotel and my return flight is next early morning.Took uber to airport for next day and at airport counter you need to give Mexican immigration slip that you got during entering Mexico. POE at US- Not much questions asked. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Overall, as always it was a nice experience. If you cant go to your home country for stamping, I suggest this location. I also observed almost all the other applicants who had come for H1 stamping got their visa. All the other applicants had the appointment time around the same time. Hope this information helps. Please message here if you have any questions. I would be happy to give all the information I know.
  5. Hi, In Dec-2017, I got my second h1b extension approved valid till Nov 19. I haven't gone for stamping.I work remotely . So my primary work location is my home address (A)and secondary work location is my office address in LCA .But i moved from my home address (A) to New address (B) but still same Metropolitan so i didn't applied for amendment as my employer suggested same other than that there is no change in Job title,client,Job duties ,etc except increase in wage level and work location change from A --> B.My client doesn't provide any client letter or email saying that we will not provide client letter. My questions is - Am i eligible to apply extension for Nebraska center ?? - Is client letter mandatory? what are other options if there is no client letter or email saying that client not provide client letter? Thanks !!!
  6. Ash406

    Visa Restamping Question

    Option 1:- You can go for dropbox in india Option 2:- you can re enter usa with your visa stamp with previous employer A.No issues even u enter before 1 month of ur expiration.
  7. Ash406

    H1B Extension stamping

    I was in same situation and below is my answer in previous thread. "My current h1b visa stamping is expiring on July 15th and i have approved i797 till Nov 2019.i went India on May 12th and returned on Jun 4th.No issues at POE.CBP officer just asked when are you going to get new visa and i said soon.I gave new i797 and he gave i94 till nov 2019.So no worries. "
  8. All, My current h1b visa stamping is expiring on July 15th and i have approved i797 till Nov 2019.i went India on May 12th and returned on Jun 4th.No issues at POE.CBP officer just asked when are you going to get new visa and i said soon.I gave new i797 and he gave i94 till nov 2019.So no worries.
  9. Ash406

    H1b Visa Expiring travelling to india

    @Gurudba My current h1b visa stamping is expiring on July 15th and i have approved i797 till Nov 2019.i went India on May 12th and returned on Jun 4th.No issues at POE.CBP officer just asked when are you going to get new visa and i said soon.I gave new i797 and he gave i94 till nov 2019.So no worries. Thanks
  10. Ash406

    Work from home-H1B

    I stay in Atlanta and my client is in California... I work from home 100% and i changed my amendment to my home address in Atlanta..That is the option suggest by my lawyer.
  11. Thanks...At POE will they Question like why are you traveling 2 months before your visa stamping date and why you didnt got visa stamped with new i797?i actually have new i797 till Sep 2019, will i get i94 till expire date of my new i94?
  12. Hi Guys, I am planning to travel India for 2 or 3 week vacation in Mid May and return by end of May. My current H1B stamp in passport is going to expire in July 2017.I got new I797 approved till Dec 2019.My POE will be Atlanta.I dnt want to go stamping in current situation,So can i return to US before my passport stamping expires??will be there any issues in POE??Please suggest guys. Thanks!!!