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  1. infodigger

    H1B Transfer vs Concurrent H1B

    Experts, Can you provide difference between H1B Transfer and Concurrent H1B. Thank You In Advance.
  2. Scenario: I am on H1B(I140 based) with EmpA. Currently on EmpA paid long vacation. While on vacation, I have applied another job in job portal and got a better offer with EmpB. Now EmpB filed H1b Transfer and it is approved now. So now i have two approved H1Bs with two different employers. As EMPB offer is good one, I would like to choose EmpB. As per my knowledge, I need to resign the job with EmpA first and then only will join with EmpB. So subsequently i will miss my paid long vacation. Need Help On Below Questions: Q1) Is it legal to join with EmpB without resignation to EmpA? Not working for EMPA now and during vacation time. Q2) If answer is 'YES' for Q1, Then I will plan to put resignation for last vacation day as my last day with Emp A. So that i can get my benefit from EmpA in payslips. Down the line I have to face any potential issue due to this? Because theoretically two payslips i get. Please let me know. Q3) If answer is 'YES' for Q2, I will resign EmpA first and then only will join with EmpB. But curious to know what potential issues i will face in my future. That will be at stages like, H1B extensions from EMPB?/H1B Tranfers to EmpC?/GC/Perm filing from EMPB?/I140filing from EMPB?/GCinterview from Any employer in future? Please point the stage. Q4) While browsing answers for above questions, I have found an interesting tweet. Please see below link. Does it mean, YES for Q1; and NO for Q2; can show proof of my vacation record at any potential stages mentioned above ? Please let me know. Thanks In Advance For Your Time and Help.
  3. infodigger

    H1B transfer from profit to non profit in 6th year

    Thank You @Chai for clearing above queries. Can you please comment on below. 1) I could not get I140 copy from Employer A. Can Employer B still get 3 years extension? 2) As mentioned initially, my I140 approved age is not more than 6 months. Eventually If l leave employer A( prior to 6 months), my h1 will revoke by employer A. Employer A policy is not to revoke any approved I140s. So I am strongly believing they are not going to revoke my I140. But just a curious If my h1 revokes prior to 6 months of I140 approval, Will there be any potential issues for my future GC process?
  4. Hi, I have approved i140 with EmpA but it is less than 6 months. I am still working at EmpA. But moving to EmpB. If EmpA revokes my h1, will it impacts my i140 which is not more than 6 months? Please let me know. Please note that EmpA will not revoke my approved I140.
  5. Hi, My Current Status: H1B in 6th year(validity till jan 2018) with approved I140(less than 6 months) from Employer A(profit organization). I have received an offer from employer B (non profit organization(Cap exempt).) They are going to file h1 transfer (Till here all good with offer!) but told me that at this time not offering GC to h1 candidates (Here is the Concern). Employer B did ask me about my I140 case# and I140 approval copy for h1 transfer. But I was able provide him only I140 Case#. Could not get I140 approval copy from Employer A. 1) In this case, my h1 will get extension of ? years from USCIS after employer B transfer approval. (Will it be only till Jan 2018 or more? Please tell me about this). 2) Assuming I join with Employer B with extension of 3 years approval, Should I leave the country after 3 years as employer b is not offering GC? Please tell me how can i secure my GC process. 3) As per my current status, Are there any disadvantages of moving to non profit org? 4) Can i move from non profit to profit org after few months/years(within extn period) to secure my GC? 5) Can employer B file n number of extensions without GC process and with Employer A I140 case#(Employer A will not revoke my I140 but he revokes h1 after quit)? Thanks in advance.
  6. infodigger

    H1 transfer with hourly rate

  7. Hi, I am currently working with Employer A as direct employee. They did file my GC and got I140 approved. Now I got another offer from EMPLOYER B. As I am into my 6th year of H1b, employer B may get h1 extension with my approved I140. I am assuming I may get 3 years of extension. At this point of time I am not sure EMPLOYER B will process my GC(They said no promises). 1) In the case of not filing my GC, Should i quit country after 3 years? Or 2) Employer B can get one more extension with out GC filing with approved I140? Or 3) I should look for another EMPLOYER who files my GC within first 3 years of extension? Or 4) I am also ready to Walk away from that EMPLOYER B offer if any issue with my GC. Please let me know.
  8. infodigger

    H1 transfer with hourly rate

    Hi, I am currently working as direct employee/full time to EMPLOYER A. I have received an offer with EMPLOYER B. This is also full time offer and they are going to file my h1 transfer. In the offer letter instead of mentioning yearly salary, they did mention hourly rate. I have confused and when I asked hr of employer B, he mentioned like you are salaried employee but all our employees is entered in our system as hourly. But employer B is not small employer and he is well established organization. I am not sure if it is ok to start my h1 transfer with hourly rate and how it will impact. Please provide your comments. This is just to make sure all is going legally
  9. I have approved i140 with employer A but it is not crossed the 180 days. Can employer B do H1B extension with this I140? Please let me know.
  10. My h1b remaining validity is 14 months(6years) with current employer A and I have approved I140 with my current employer A(approved 50 days before) . I am expecting a better offer from employer B. Subsequently he will file H1b transfer. Expecting new H1b with employer B may get a validity for remaining 14 months. In order to continue my employment with employer B after 14 months, how i need to secure my work status. can employer B get me extension with approved I140(which i had from employer A)? If not, what should i ask or check with employer B to secure my work status after 14 months prior to joining their company. Can you please provide the information on this? Thank You.
  11. infodigger

    Is it right time to go for H1B visa stamping?

    Thanks Gopal. Am i eligible for go to Canada for stamping? Please let me know. Thanks.
  12. Please suggest me on this. I came to US in 2013(2012 H1B) to work at client location thru India company. I left the India company and with H1B Transfer joined a consultancy and worked in different client. During this time my visa expired in 2015. Again with H1B Transfer, converted to full time employee for the same client. Currently working with I797A approval which has validity till 2019. I am planning to go to India to visit my parents and knew that, I need to go for visa stamping. Please let me know your thoughts about right time to plan for this. Because with the new administration in US, should i not have any travel plan until everything is stable. Also instead of going to India, can i go to Canada for only stamping and then plan for India Travel? Please let me know. Thank You. Regards, Sai