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  1. Hello All, My passport is getting expired on Oct 1 2020. My I94(Issued during port of entry) is getting expired on Oct 1 2020 which is same as passport expiration date. My current I-797 is valid until 14 May 2021. Please let me know your thoughts? 1. I have contacted the Indian Embassy for passport renewal and they told me they could do it when the passport expiration is within 2 months due to COVID. 2. During that strict timelines say if I get my new passport before 45 days of expiration I need to travel out of the country and come back with new passport. Then I get my new I-94 date valid until 14 May 2021. But, I don't know the uncertainty of travel at that time and if CBP allows H1B or is it safe to travel or not due to COVID I don't know at this moment. can you suggest me some safer side options without travelling out of the country? Few options: -> Am I eligible to apply for H1B extension via my employer based on I94(stamped during port of entry) which is getting expired on Oct 1 2020? or the H1B extension in this case is valid only before 180 days of expiration of current I-797(14 May 2021)? -> Without leaving the country what are my options of staying in the USA and get my visa extended? As we know COVID-19 pandemic made many GOVT offices to shutdown is there any possibility for me to request the Indian embassy one more time? Any solid reasons I can come up with? Thanks, Kumar
  2. hello Attorney_21 and all, But in this case Kalyan Krish employer can file his H1B extension 180 days before May 14 2021 correct? So he will be eligible for H1B extension only after Nov 14 2021. Correct me if I am missing any information thanks, Kumar
  3. Kumar_91

    Can I sue my employer for many reasons?

    @immijam the statement generated dummy paychecks for me I meant: he sent me paychecks / paychex official paychecks in my account when I logged on to website and when I asked to give my pay.
  4. Kumar_91

    Can I sue my employer for many reasons?

    Correct this is a consultancy. Thank you both for replying. This consultancy pays the salary late. Example: The hours I worked for January, I will get paid on Feb 28 so there is always a 60 days delay payment from the day I Quit. I quit his company on January 27. So my December month pay which I am supoose to get paid was not deposited on January ending and my January month pay which I am suppose to get paid on Feb ending never happened. After several emails and phone calls finally he emailed paychecks but the amount I never got it. I called paychex regarding why my salary i am not getting and how come I am getting these paychecks added to my account. So when I moved from 1st company to the second company the last but one month paycheck amount he told vendor released the payment late and that quarter is now closed and assured that I will get the amount from new company. Past few weeks I revisited all the year long emails, conversations, recalculated every month hours vs deposits vs balances from both companies.
  5. Hi Members, I am needing your suggestions. I worked for a employer for 15 months and he is not paying me last 3 months salary when I quit his company on really good terms. My h1b got approved from another employer so I moved to another company. I texted/called several times, emailed many times regarding my salary but he never answer my call and I am really tired, became emotionally low. Additionally he filed my h1b wrong and it got rejected twice and I do have the petition copy, RFE copy of their wrong filing for the second time when they filed in 2018. Previous year it got rejected too and came to know they used different wrong company template. 2017 was my first year of filing I was not able to see the petition and rfe. They filed an MTR for me so I had to stay in their company and they told they would withdraw my MTR if I move to a different employer. USCIS took several months to process the MTR for the first year and the next year of filing approached immediately so I had to stay with this employer hoping my MTR will be approved. Finally, I am glad that I moved out of his company. Now I am determined to fight for my loses. Please provide me suggestions and refer me to any aggressive Lawyer who can bring this employer down so no other employee can suffer under him. Last few weeks I gathered several evidences about their company. I have solid proof. what are my options of suing him and what all departments I can reach-out to file complaints against him. He generated dummy paychecks for me and those wages were reported on my w-2 as well but I have not received the amount. I am fighting for my last 3 months salary. I was on 80-20 percentage basis all the time but he runs payroll for 70 percent only and give the rest as bonus for every 3 or 4 months once and he never gave that amount. 14K bonus I need to get. thank you all
  6. Kumar_91

    RFE on H1B Transfer.

    what is the Occupation Title in your LCA? I saw many of my colleagues received specialty Occupation RFE when they filed LCA as Computer Occupation. They made their new employer withdraw that petition and filed as Software Developer, got approved without RFE.
  7. I am filing H1 with my current employer and also filing the second H1 from another employer as a future employer with October 1 as the start date. But my future employer is saying we are not supposed to file multiple H1 this year. can someone please suggest? from USCIS: Multiple or Duplicate filings: Employers may not file multiple or duplicative H-1B petitions for the same employee. To ensure fair and orderly distribution of available H-1B visas, we will deny or revoke multiple or duplicative petitions filed by an employer(including its related entities) for the same H-1B worker and will not refund the filing fees. https://www.uscis.gov/working-united-states/temporary-workers/h-1b-specialty-occupations-and-fashion-models/h-1b-fiscal-year-fy-2019-cap-season
  8. Hi Everyone, Can I file a new petition this year through the same employer while the motion to reopen (MTR) case is still pending? thanks!
  9. Hello Members, I am currently on H1b with Company A and my current H1 expires in August. I got a full-time offer from Company B and the H1 transfer process started but it may take 1 month time from now for Company B to actually file my petition. They are filing under premium processing though. Now during this time, my Company A is planning to start the extension process. If my transfer gets approved without any RFE then I am all good. If I get an RFE then the Company B will not wait to hold the offer until the RFE gets cleared and will ask me to move to their firm and they say they will respond to the RFE but I won't be sure if that gets approved or not. If I move to the Company B then Company A will not file for an extension as I won't be with them but they will not withdraw my current H1 until August expiration. My plan is to file an extension petition from my Company A now in premium processing and if that gets approved so I will have an approved extension even after August. For any reason, if the Company B job didn't work out well or if I get an RFE for the Company B offer I will have this Company A approved extension as a backup option. Here is a problem again: If I get an RFE for my extension petition then Company A expects me to work for them until that RFE gets cleared or they will not respond to the RFE if I had to leave and will withdraw my case. Can someone provide their opinion on how I should proceed in this situation? Please offer your valuable thoughts. Can my Company A still hold the valid extension for long-term without withdrawing if I move to Company B so I can always keep my Company A as a backup option? thanks!