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  1. My wife is currently on H4 Visa which is valid till September 2020. We have filed an F1 change of status petition for her which was received by USCI S on June 29th, 2018. My question is 1. Can she travel to Canada by car and come back in a week without affecting her Change status of the petition? 2. While re-entering the US, can she still use her H4 visa & will the immigration office issue a new I-94?
  2. My H1-B is stamped till August 14th (I94 expiring in 1 week), and my current employer filed extension on June 1st. Yesterday I received RFE for this extension petition. Last week I got offer from another employer, could you please help me with below questions As extension petition is under RFE status, can future employer initiate visa transfer immediately or need to wait till extension is approved Who should respond to RFE, current employer or future employer After August 14th will I be out of status How much time is required before I join the new company
  3. My wife is currently on H4 and we are filing her H1 this year. She is planning to travel to India and will be back on April 15th, 2017. Question: As her H1 petition will be submitted on April 1st, would there be a problem for her to re-enter US on H4 when her H1 petition is still in progress?