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  1. The only reason mentioned by the officer is that there is no direct relationship between Client and Employer. He verified all the supporting documents which clearly explains relationship between each party ( Between Employer and Vendor, Vendor and Implementation Partner, Implementation partner and Client ). I have provided End client letter, letter from implementation partner, letter from vendor and all docs from employer. Note: No issues with employer. All the documentation from employer side looks perfect.
  2. Hi, I was made to withdraw my H1B visa application at Port of Entry and returned back to home country. Below is the statement mentioned in the document given by the immigration officer. "Subject cannot overcome the presumption of an intended immigrant and was allowed to withdraw her application for admission. Subject was working for 'A' client as a fourth party. Her petitioner 'D' was not directly contracted by 'A' client' or has a relationship with them, therefore xxx candidate is performing work for an unauthorized employer at this time, she was allowed to withdrawn under the provision of 212(a) 7(A) (i) (i) of the immigration and naturalization act. Subject was advised to obtain a new US visa for further travel to the united states. " Here is my situation: A - Client (I work at this location) B - Implementation Partner (Even the whole team works at the client 'A' location) C - Vendor D - My employer I work for my employer 'D' who had contract with Vendor 'C' and the vendor supplied me to Implementation partner 'B'. I work for a end client's'A' project at client 'A' location along with the Implementation partner 'B' team. But the immigration officer said that it is an unauthorized service, as my employer'D' doesn't have contract/relationship with the end client 'A' and they revoked my H1B visa saying that there multiple layers and asked me to obtain a new U.S visa for further travel to U.S. Questions: 1) Is this is a valid reason to revoke my visa? 2) Is there any way to reopen my case and justify this? 3) Does it mean that I have to a file new H1B petition and upon approval have to attend Visa interview or just attending Visa interview is fine? 4) Please suggest me what are the possible options for me to enter U.S on H1B. Quick Response would be really appreciated! Thanks!Capture.pdf