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  1. Ashley2017

    N-400 processing times post biometrics

    Is there a way to find out how far the processing could be ? I applied in Nov 2016, got done my finger printing in december, but no letter for interview yet. Online status keeps saying 'In-line for interview' but no letter has been sent. I have generally heard it takes about 4-5 months depending upon the center. I live in NJ, sent the application to texas but not sure where to look for processing times. Would it be Newark OR would it be Texas to look for. Not clear. Any idea?
  2. Ashley2017

    Background checks

    Hello Univemp, Since you and I had the biometrics around the same date, just checking if you got the notification for an interview? For my case it still shows, 'In -line for interview scheduling'.
  3. Thanks again for your quick response. I don't have any DUI or arrest. However I have speeding tickets, handheld device, accidents( 3 with faults from others and 1 my fault) with no bodily harm to anyone. Once my license got suspended for 2 days because of non payment of a supercharge as a result of DMV not sending any notification or postal mail for asking for the supercharge in the first place. I directly got the suspension notice which I corrected on the same day, with apologies from DMV (nothing in written though). I hope its not an issue. My online status says scheduled for interview but haven't received any letter yet.
  4. Oh I see. So I didn't list citations--that is -- listing of traffic violations. Do you think that's a problem? I checked with a few others who didn't and their went smoothly for the interview, however, I also understand that every case is unique and also depends on individual officer who's reviewing the case. Any comments? Appreciate your insight into this. Should I send a list as additional information now? Also, is it easy to get a list of traffic violations from DMV? Pls let me know. Thanks
  5. So I'm confused now. Where does the N400 application say about it? I copied the text from USCIS website.
  6. Ashley2017

    Background checks

    @Univemp I have a very similar timeline as you have. My biometrics was dec9th and status says "In line for Interview scheluding", so hopefully, the BC is over as you mentioned. How did you check the April 2016 is the processing date? Can you pls. share the link? Thanks. Did you have to declare your traffic violations and attach documentation?
  7. Below text is copied from Instructions for Form N-400 (PDF, 260 KB) NOTE: You must submit documentation of traffic incidents if: (1) The incident involved alcohol or drugs; (2) The incident led to an arrest; or (3) The incident seriously injured another person. You do not need to submit documentation for traffic fines or incidents that did not involve an arrest or did not involve drugs or alcohol, if the only penalty was a fine of less than $500 or points on your driving record.
  8. I don't think you have to declare traffic violations other than DUI 10. Question: What documentation is USCIS looking for on N-400 applications for clients who have traffic citations only (no arrests), such as speeding tickets? This is in reference to the Good Moral Character section, question 16, which asks if you have ever been arrested, cited, etc. Also, what is expected at the N-400 interview regarding these traffic tickets? Response: Typically if an individual only has minor traffic citations with no arrests resulting (i.e. speeding tickets), they will not be required to submit any additional information with the N-400. However, if, during the course of the interview, an adjudications officer determines that there are circumstances that warrant further investigation, (e.g. there is an indication that the applicant has failed to pay fines associated with the citations), the officer may request additional documentation. (e.g. payment, certified police/court documents indicating such).
  9. Ashley2017

    Background checks

    During US citizenship process, does USCIS also do a background check with Indian consulate/embassy? What are they looking for and can it delay the overall process for an interview call? I applied for citizenship and the status shows USCIS has started the interview process and will send an interview date more than a 1.5 months back, but I haven't received any letter yet. Does anyone know if its normal time these days?