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  1. Cleop76

    Hardship waiver

    Has anyone who has filed a hardship waiver in the last year received updates on their cases from DOS? Please help post your timelines which would help others at least get a sense of whether there is any movement happening at the DOS and to see if there are any trends in processing times. My hardship case was filed in August 2016 and was sent to DOS by December 19th and am currently still waiting for an update on the case. Hope to hear from others on their recent experiences as well. Thanks,
  2. Hello Muhammad, the length of time for each hardship waiver can also vary in time taken, but overall I believe the length of time for processing with USCIS is around 4 months and then the case goes to DOS and they seem to be taking around 3-4 months as well to send favorable recommendations. You need to contact an immigration attorney that specializes in J1 hardship waiver cases to talk to them about the options you have quickly. you technically would have to leave within 30 days after your J1/DS 2019 expiry date, but it does depend on what type of visa you will be applying to after you receive a successful hardship waiver approval that can have an effect on when you might have to leave the country, because the main issue is what you could face when returning even if you receive a successful waiver recommendation.
  3. Cleop76

    DOS website not showing i612 for 2 months!!

    Hello Dres, I too have applied for a hardship waiver where it left USCIS on 12/16 and was updated on DOS by 12/20 - my case is also still pending with DOS. I do not think there is a phone number that we can call to ask about the J1 waiver cases, as when I have tried calling the DOS number and eventually speak to someone, they always say that they cannot help with this type of case (212 waivers) and advise to email that 212...email address that is posted on the site. When was the last time you sent the email message to them? I believe you should call USCIS and ask them to resend your 612 information to DOS. Since your last post was on Feb 1, 2017 -- have you seen any further update with your case on the DOS website recently ?
  4. Cleop76

    J1 hardship waiver USA gov fundings

    Hello RIV, No, I have still not received any further update from DOS. the last update was on December 30th when the Letter of Need was received. Is your case also a hardship application based on medical or persecution reasons? Will definitely update this thread when I see any update on DOS - please do the same. Thank you.
  5. Cleop76

    J1 residency requirement/waiver

    Hello P. Ghosh, to my knowledge - you can only satisfy the 2 year residency requirement in your home country (based on the need letter you had provided to be given the J1 visa). However, you should be able to live in another country while waiting for a J-1 waiver but just note that this time will not count to satisfying the 2 year term you need to be in your home country.
  6. Cleop76

    J1 hardship waiver USA gov fundings

    Hello Davince and Nathram0s, Just wanted to check with you if you had received updates on your hardship waiver cases from DOS recently? Nathram0s - are you physician that applied for a hardship waiver? I have a hardship waiver case filed due to medical reasons and my case was received by DOS on December 20th, 2016.
  7. Cleop76


    Hello Money, Just wanted to check with you if you had received any update from DOS on your hardship case? Hopefully you would have continued waiting for your hardship case instead of taking the conrad-30 waiver option as you won't have the restriction of working for a J1- sponsored employer for 3 years.
  8. Does anyone have any updated information on how to pay back this 5 lakh bond to the Indian Government? Has anyone paid this amount till now and if so what confirmation/receipt do you receive after making the payment?
  9. Cleop76

    H1b approval without degree

    this is not any official advice but you should talk to an immigration attorney to see if you would be able to contact a credential evaluation company that would review your coursework by either syllabus and transcripts of your classes taken in addition to all the work experience that you have. Please look to have an Education + Work experience credential evaluation done. information used for old approved H1 petitions does not mean a renewal or new application would be approved with the same information. having a four year degree or an equivalent to US bachelors degree (based on credential evaluation) would be important for any future employment as well as I am sure compensation/qualification for many (not all) IT positions would be dependent on this.
  10. Hello VK0023, As this thread is pretty old, not sure if you had found a solution or path that you are following to remain in the US after your J1 visa/residency is going to completed. Please do respond either way as I was in a similar situation and had discussed my available options with a few attorneys so if you still have any questions, let me know.