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  1. I am currently having H1B and green card sponsoring in running. Prevailing wage at around $80K. My boss says the company wants to pump higher than that before I get green card or H1B, but they are afraid of it making the case more complicated and they have to redo documentations so they do not do it. My question is, will it have any effect to the current green card process? Thanks in advance. TN
  2. Hi, When company started doing sponsorship for me, we signed an agreement that I have to work for them for at least 3 years. I signed it, thinking that 3 years is not very long. It's been 2 years and 8 months. The company has been through lots of employment transition, and the company culture was so toxic and stressful that it affects my health a lot and I have been warned by doctors to consider working less or switch to other company that is more laid back and work on my health. So I decided to leave, and company asked to me to pay them back all the legal fee they paid to the law firm for my green card. Is this agreement legit? Do I have to pay? Thank you in advance.
  3. Hi all, My company is sponsoring me a green card. I worked for A0 from 2/1/2016-5/13/2016 (CPT), from 5/13/2016-3/5/2017(OPT). Then I work under A1 from 3/5/2017-5/13/2017 (OPT), then from 5/13/2017-now (STEM OPT). Note that A0 and A1 are two entities which are related to each other. They reside at the same location (same address) with different EIN. My I20 states as below: The attorney just finished wage prevailing, and is starting to do PERM, however, he/she said that Then he asked me to tell the DSO to change the POST COMPLETION OPT company to A0. I asked DSO, they said that I20 only reflects most up-to-date information. By the time I was requesting STEM OPT (thus this I20 was issue), I was already working at A1, so the I20 will be as above. I wonder if what attorney said is true. Is there any source for this? I kind of find this one being non-sense (at least to me). Please help. Thanks.
  4. Thien N

    Working more than 40 hours on CPT

    I'm not sure thou. When I registered for the CPT, they enrolled me to a one-credit course as an "Internship Course" (according to what they said). After the CPT I have to write the report and submit to the DSO so they can check what I have been doing while being on CPT. Maybe this is one kind of "integral part of an established curriculum" which you and the site mentioned.
  5. Hi, My OPT ends on 5/13/2017. I am applying for OPT STEM, starting on 5/14/2017. My attorney just sent out H1B application this Monday. Is it too early to start the green card process right after the decision for H1B pick is announced? If it is denied, can we still go ahead and do the green card process? Will it pose any trouble in the future? Thank you in advance.
  6. Thien N

    Working more than 40 hours on CPT

    I studied at University of Houston. You are free to verify with the government to see if it is legit. Here is the link: http://www.uh.edu/oisss/resources/forms/CPTGraduateStudent.pdf "CPT can be approved for full time (e.g. more than 20 hours a week) only during the summer and during your final semester if you are authorized for a reduced course load or for full -time equivalency for SEVIS reporting." So JoeF, if you are not clear about something, then please refrain to discuss about it.
  7. Thien N

    E-Verify and Hiring

    The company I am currently working at wants to do OPT STEM and H1B for me. For STEM: - They do not enroll in E-verify, so they want to move me and my supervisor (CIO) to another entity of theirs (different EIN), and have E-Verify at that location. - My OPT STEM should start mid May, 2017 My question is, does it matter if they move us first, then enroll in E-Verify later (before the start date of STEM), or the other way around (enroll E-verify first, and move us later)?
  8. Thien N

    CPT - Internship

    2. Yes, if only your last semester consists only 1-2 classes (6 credit hours) and below. I worked full time during CPT before.
  9. Thien N

    Working more than 40 hours on CPT

    Not actually. I had only one class in my last semester, and the school allowed me to work full time (>= 40 hrs) since it wouldn't affect my study.
  10. Thien N

    Applying H1B during OPT

    I have asked this with my lawyer as well and he said no. You won't lose your OPT status.
  11. I have been working at company X for a year. My OPT ends in May 14, 2017; and I'm applying for Extension. Problem here is: X has a Headquarter in Texas. X has a branch in Georgia. IT Department is in Texas (where I will be working at). Georgia branch is in E-Verify. Headquarter is not in E-Verify. Both Georgia branch and Headquarter are hiring employees separately. I am not sure if those two are under the same EIN. (I will be asking the company lawyer about this). My question is: Can I apply as an employee in Georgia (as they are in E-verify) but still work in Texas (as the IT Dept is in Texas)? For the I-983 form, who will be the one to fill the training plan for me? My supervisor is in Texas (of course), but on paper I am Georgia branch employee. Can I still have him as my supervisor? Or the supervisor needs to be in Georgia? Thank you in advance.
  12. So my situation is rather special. I have CS degree (STEM), and am eligible to apply for OPT-extension. The current company I am working at does not have E-verify, and doesn't want to enroll in E-verify, which left me to other choice, either H1-B or EB-3. H1-B: Apply in April, if fail then I have to go back to school (don't really want to switch company, it's hard to find a job in my place anyway). I don't really have money to do this. EB-3: - will it be okay to apply for EB-3 under OPT? my OPT expired in May 15, 2016. I'm Vietnamese, and upon checking on Visa Bulletin, the current priority date is 1 - Oct - 2016 (3 months) - I don't plan to travel, will it affect my F-1 status after my company submit the documents? - I still have 3 months unemployment. If you guys have any questions that need to ask, please feel free to do so. Thank you in advance. Tylor