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  1. Hi, I need your advice on this. As I posted in another Topic, I was caught for DUI on 31st Dec 2016. My defense attorney said with a plea bargain he can work to reduce the charges to Public intoxication instead of DUI. I read in this forum that others who have DUI, they took Reckless driving charges. I am so confused whether to accept Public Intoxication or Reckless Driving. I am on H1B, and on my way to GC. In terms of Immigration, which one causes less problems in future. Does Public Intoxication comes under CIMT? BTW, I contacted 2 immigration attorneys but didn't get the correct response. They always talk about DUI and said that DUI doesn't come under CIMT. It would be a great help if you can provide some suggestions.
  2. dui_due

    DUI, I94 validity and I94 Departure date

    kksk, Thanks for your update. In your post you mentioned that you provided the proof that you were in the country and got your H1B approved. If you don't mind, could you please share what kind of proof that you have provided during your extension.
  3. dui_due

    Visa revocation out of DUI?

    Mani_Ravi, Could you please share the details of your H1 extension? What happend with your extension? Was your VISA revoked again? What is your latest status.
  4. dui_due

    DUI, I94 validity and I94 Departure date

    I got to know my VISA also was revoked on 1/5/2017. My I94 travel history shows that the same day I departed US. As I said in the previous post, when I checked my I94 date online in CBP website, it shows that my I94 is valid till 31st Aug 2019. Please help me to understand if I can still stay here till 2019? I am really tensed.
  5. Hi, I got DUI on 12/31/2016. My case is still pending. I am aware of VISA revoke for DUI. I have been checking my e-mail US Consulate Chennai. So far, I haven't received any e-mail from Chennai. Today when I checked my I94 Travel history, I found that it shows a departure date of 1/5/2017, where as my I94 validity shows 8/31/2019. I am still in the US. I am really worried about the departure date. Does it mean that I am deported and I need to leave US immediately? Or can I stay here based on my I94 validity date. It would be of a great help if you can reply if any one of you had this situation like this. I know I made the biggest mistake of my life by driving while drunk.
  6. kksk, I got DUI on 12/31, today I found that my departure date on I94 shows that I left USA on 1/5. But, I am still in the USA and my I94 is valid till 8/31/2019. I don't know what I need to do. Did you get your driving license extended? Any thoughts?
  7. dui_due

    DUI and change of employer

    cqone, Have you received any e-mail regarding your VISA revoke? I also got DUI on 12/31 night. I am really worried about 'being out of status'. I hope as JoeF said if it is only revoking VISA not being out of status. I know I made a big mistake which is costing me a lot of pain.
  8. R V, Could you please share your VISA experiences, it will help us a lot. I got my first DUI, a month back. Planning to travel to India this December.
  9. Dhandapani V, I am really sorry to hear that you are going through difficult times. I pray god that your son gets the VISA without any issues. Please post the updates, I am also in the same situation.