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  1. Hi! I am applying to the certificate courses offered by extension programs of some of the prestigious universities, such as UCLA Extension and UC Berkeley Extension. These programs last 9-12 months and allow one year OPT. https://www.uclaextension.edu/certificate-programs-international-students/browse-certificate-programs https://extension.berkeley.edu/international/programs/ecp/#collapseTwo However, I am uncertain that after OPT completion, are the graduates of these certificate programs eligible for filing H1-B application? I understand that a certificate course DOES NOT qualify as an academic degree, and CANNOT be used for the Advanced Degree H1 quota. But can it be utilized towards the regular non-masters H1-B quota (subject to an employer sponsoring it)? Thanks a lot for the help in advance. Any guidance would be really helpful.
  2. Hello, My application for STEM OPT extension was rejected by USCIS because it was postmarked 22nd December and in the amount of $410 (though it was received by USCIS on 23rd December). Now I am confused regarding the resubmission in the following aspects: 1. Should I resend the application in the amount of $410 or $380, since now the postmarked date will be post 23 Dec, but my original case was based on Dec.22.?. 2. USCIS sent the entire packet of my application back to me, with a green sheet and some stamp on the bottom of each document. Should I resend the same documents as is, or make new copies of the supporting documents and I-765 as I-765 has now changed on USCIS website? I am very confused regarding these two questions. Please advise. I'd be grateful for any help.
  3. Quoting from USCIS website: The filing fee for Form I-765 is $410, effective 12 a.m. Eastern U.S. time, December 23, 2016. You must also pay an $85 biometric services fee, for a total of $495, if you are: Requesting consideration of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA); A beneficiary of an approved employment-based immigrant petition and you are facing compelling circumstances; or A spouse or unmarried dependent child of a beneficiary of an employment-based immigrant petition who is facing compelling circumstances. There is no biometric services fee for any other eligibility category. If you are none of the above, there is no reason they should expect a biometric fee. Very strange!
  4. pjain64

    OPT STEM Incorrect Fee

    I submitted the old ones with just new I-765 and the green letter.