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  1. Hello Friends,

    My I 140 was approved in May 2016. I left my employer in April 2017. 

    Recently found that there was some changes (Last Updated column) on my I-140 in USCIS site on Aug 2017. 

    1) Now my I 140 receipt # is showing up as invalid in the USCIS site, this means its withdrawn / revoked ? Really concerned now. Pls help.

    2) If my approved I 140 is withdrawn, can i still switch company from my 2nd employer to another and get H1B extensions ? 

    3) How can we know if a approved I-140 was revoked / withdrawn ?

  2. Hi,

    I applied for my H1B extension in premium processing and got approval until 2020. Now my wife has to travel to India due to personal reasons. Her H4 VISA is valid until Dec 2017. My question is.

    1. Can she come back to US without any stamping since her VISA is valid until 2017 but my H1B is now valid up to 2020

    2. In the port of entry, will they consider my H1B status until 2020 and provide her I94 validity until 2020 or it will be until 2017 only.

    Please reply. Thanks in advance.

  3. Hi,

    My H1B (First h1b) got picked in the lottery and got approved 2 weeks back. I have a job offer. 

    1. I already have approved H4 EAD. Is this still valid to work since the employer accepts only H4 EAD ?

    2. If H4 EAD is not valid, what is the process to convert approved H1B to H4 back ?


    Thanks in advance for any help on this.