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  1. I am currently working in the US on H1-B visa. This is my 6th year. I plan to quit my job in May 2019. Does anyone know how much time do you get to leave the country after the last day at work? Thanks.
  2. R V

    DUI and H1-B

    OK. Thank you.
  3. R V

    H1B Work Permit and Freelance Work

    Thanks for the advice.
  4. R V

    H1B Work Permit and Freelance Work

    Thanks. I do get paid over 12 months for 9 months' job.
  5. Hello, I have been in US on H1B visa for over 4 years now. I would like to know if there is a way I can freelance or work on outside projects if that does not interfere with my work. My job contract is only for 9 months therefore I have 3 months free. Any advice would be helpful. Thanks, R V
  6. R V

    DUI and H1-B

    It has been resolved. I am back in US but later they did revoke my visa.
  7. I just went through same experience. Yes you will be given 221(g) and asked for medical panel. Make sure you carry final disposition of court and a letter from your attorney.
  8. Hi, When you say 30 days, do you mean 30 days for people with DUI history? Thanks
  9. If your visa is revoked you obviously need to apply for a new one when you travel out of US. Do not make a mistake of traveling before the case is closed. Even better travel after completing your sentencing. At the interview you will have to provide disposition from court and will have to go through medical panel.
  10. I am in similar situation, except the fact I am not getting married. My advice - decide what is more important, marriage or career? If you go to India, be prepared to receive 221(g), and go through the medical panel. But I highly doubt you will receive the visa without providing the disposition form the court. If I were in your place I would stay in US, close the case, and go through the sentencing before I would even think of traveling anywhere. Hope this helped.
  11. Can anyone here share rest of the experience? Was the visa finally approved? Thanks
  12. If the case is pending, do not travel outside US. If you do, you must carry final disposition of court. Personally I would avoid leaving US for as long as possible.