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  1. firstduih1b

    Passport Expired/ DUI Pending Case

    Hi GArun how did your passport renewal go? Did the prudential revocation of visa (if any) in your case impact the passport renewal. Please share the details if you can. I am in similar situation with dependent passports getting expired with h1b and h4 prudential revoked. Any information will help. Many thanks
  2. firstduih1b

    DUI, I94 validity and I94 Departure date

    Hi , I am in similar situation where the I-94 departure date is updated. Please let me know what steps you had to do to prove that you are still in the country. I94 was issued with validity till September 2018. Departure date got updated with 6 December. Does it mean that I am over staying ? Please anybody with any information respond to this. Many thanks.
  3. any particular documents that were used as a proof for RFE and how did the USCIS appointment go ?