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  1. Thanks for the response pontevecchio. Yes, federal senators - Cantwell, Murray, Schumer, Gillibrand. I did a through review with a lawyer who told me that unfortunately the best option here is to wait. I was hoping someone here had gone through something similar. I didn't know that AP was possible for GC - most of the cases seem to be for student and H1b...
  2. My mother appeared for her GC interview in Mumbai in April 2018. After the interview she was told that her application had been approved and to await her passport in the mail. However, 3 days later she got back her passport with a 221g form. She was asked to visit the consulate again with all her passports. She did so. The consulate cancelled her current 10 year visitor visa and told her that she would her back when administrative processing was completed. It's been 13 months now and no change in status. We've had 4 senators - both from WA and NY ask for status updates with pretty much standard responses. The only action being that the request updated the LUD for the case. She's visited the US over 25 times over the years on visitor visa. She's almost 80 and it's incredibly frustrating that now she cannot even visit the US in the last few years of her life. Both her children are US citizens. I guess at this point we don't even want the GC and wish we could just get back to the valid visitor visa status :( Anyone have similar experiences or have suggestions for anything else that could be done besides waiting. Thank you.
  3. Hi All, I applied for my N-400 in the Seattle office on Feb 4, 2016. My biometrics was completed on March 1, 2016. I haven't had any updates on my status since then. I did multiple online status update requests. A single infopass appointment. Contacted both my senators - Murray and Cantwell. Written to the ombudsman. The senators were told that my application is pending background check. During my infopass I was told that they are waiting on FBI and have no control over FBI timeframe. I haven't heard from the ombudsman yet. I have scheduled another infopass appointment for 1/18 but am not hopeful of hearing anything different from them. Any suggestions on what my options are? Do I have a case to file a writ in federal court? Or is this only possible once an interview has been conducted. Thanks much for the help!