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  1. venky654

    Typo in LCA and I-129 forms

    Hi, Did you go for stamping without amendment? if yes, what did you mention in Client location in DS-160?
  2. venky654

    Wrong address in LCA & I-129

    Nick, Did you file new LCA or New LCA+Amendment? Did you go for visa stamping?if yes, is it without correcting or after correcting? If you went without correcting, what address did you mention for Client Location in DS-160?
  3. venky654

    State Name Typo in LCA - H1B stamping impact

    Rajesh, Did you went to visa interview without correcting?
  4. My H1B extension was approved 4 months back. I was planning for visa interview and found that there is mistake in 'Street number' of client. It was added as '1318' instead of '1310'. rest of the address and pin are all correct. my employer attorney is suggesting that only new LCA is enough. 1) If we change only LCA, won't it be issue, as the street address is different in H1B(when we go for visa interview)? 2) Do we need to go for H1B amendment as well? 3) Are there any chances that usics revoking the existing petition, as there is a mistake in 'street number' in current petition? 4) if I change the employer without correcting this, will it be any issue in future? please suggest.
  5. Has anyone recently went for Visa interview without End Client Letter. I have MSA and Work Order. I work to End Client and no layers between my employer and End Client. Any other documents would you suggest as an alternative for supporting Visa Interview without End Client Letter.
  6. Max2max, can you please update, what happened to your case
  7. Hi, I need some suggestion, My H1B is valid till Oct-18. My employer is filing for extension. If in case my H1b goes to RFE, can we change job during RFE ( with valid H1b and I-94)? If in case my H1B extension gets denied(suppose before Oct-18), will i be able to change job(if i still have valid H1B and I-94) Will H1B extension denial, makes valid H1b invalid(H1B which is valid till Oct-18) or i can work till Oct-18 or reapply the extension before Oct-18? Appreciate your reply
  8. Hi, My H1B petition got picked last year and it went to RFE. Attorney submitted the documents, but it got rejected. 1) Can we file for MTR for this even if its first time? 2) If its rejected because of client letter, can 1 get new client and client letter and file MTR for the same petition? 3) If i file MTR with new client, what are the chances of getting it approved? 4) Attorney received the rejection letter lately. Is there any option to get extended time for filing MTR? 5) Can different attorney file MTR or it has to be the same attorney who filed petition has to file MTR? 6) What is approximate cost for filing MTR for H1B? Need your quick help on this, as i have 10days remaining for completing 1month rejection date. Thanks, Venky