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  1. rajbabu23

    Petition status shows "Revoked" to VO!!!

    no my employer is not aware of this and he is very much surprised as i am.
  2. rajbabu23

    Petition status shows "Revoked" to VO!!!

    thanks koundinya,,i will contact my employer and chk with him on this scnerio
  3. hi all, recently went for stamping in hyderabad consulate and received 221G with "New Petition". VO said my petition is in revoked status but my petition is active when checked in USCIS site and visa interview went as follows and please let me know if anyone had similar issue or similar experience and how to handle it? Scanned Passport backside sticker ME: Good Morning VO: Do you know your petition is revoked? ME: ?????!! VO: Give me your I797 ME: Gave her I-797 VO: Who is your client? ME: XXXX Where do you live? ME: XXXXX VO: What’s your salary? ME: XXK Writing something on 221G VO: Did you study in USA? ME: Yes VO: What’s the subject? ME: Masters in computer science Gave me 221g slip and said your petition is revoked.
  4. rajbabu23

    Available Dates in HYD

    hi thanks for your reply, is it because Jan 2018 dates hasn't opened yet?
  5. rajbabu23

    Available Dates in HYD

    Hi does any one have information on available dates in January for Hyderabad consulate?
  6. rajbabu23

    H1B Visa Stamping at Vancouver on 16th November

    hi how long did it take for CN VISA?
  7. rajbabu23

    H1B Stamping in Canada or Mexico

    Guys Can we go to Mexico for first time h1b stamping?
  8. rajbabu23

    Mexico vs India

    do you know what is the current CN consulate that has good success rate and how long is the wait time for CN visa?
  9. hi is this your first time h1b stamping or renewal?
  10. rajbabu23

    Mexico vs India

    Did anyone go to mexico for their first time h1b stamping? or its only between CN and INDIA!!!
  11. rajbabu23

    Visa Stamping-matamoros-May 1st

    first time h1 stamping shekar11. thanks for the info thats what i thought too but i saw multiple posts in this website itself as people are going to Mexico for stamping so the confusion.
  12. rajbabu23

    Successful visa stamping in Matamoros - 03/27-28

    Hi Guys did you go for your first time VISA stamping?
  13. hi how is Matamoros interview wise? I am planning to schedule.
  14. rajbabu23

    Matamoros H1B Stamping April 17th

    Hi I am planning to go for my first visa stamping, I work in TX so Matamoros is closer to me. can we go for Mexico or it should be india? and how is Matamoros visa wise? your reply is appreciated thanks
  15. rajbabu23

    Visa Stamping-matamoros-May 1st

    Hi Srikanth, I work in TX so Matamoros is near by to me. This is my first time visa stamping and wondering can I go here instead of india? thanks your reply is appreciated.