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    H1B visa revoked after being pulled over for DUI

    How much are you getting charged for the attorney for this one night stand...ing party mistake?

    Can we travel with newborn without OCI card to India?

    We are planning to travel to India next year with our newborn. Can travel to India without applying for OCI (in US) and apply while we are in India? We want to travel within two months of the child birth. So we are worried about the processing time for OCI in Indian consulates in US. Is it possible to travel without OCI and stay for about an year in India? Please advise..Thank you Yes you can travel aramse, all my friends did the same, and based on your name I guess you are from hyd , and its pretty simple, when a little toddle is there you no need to take them to visa Extension, Applying OCI is pretty easy too. let me know if you have any further questions on this.Remember to read all OCI Rules specially with birth certificate thats it
  3. Hi All Thanks or reading my thread, its very imp where all my family fate will change with this single decision of mines, I came to usa last year, I am on H1B with visa till aug 2017. I have been in project since all this time, my project got ended. I looked up for project for 1 month in USA nothing I found, I took 2.5 months break in between and its doneand want to travel this mid of januaury without been assigned new project, I have visa issued based on the inhouse project of consultant, but I worked always for the outside company, the amendment has been done to them ...all good...Now my question is I am travelling back without amendment and purely on desi consultant project, is this safe? all this 2.5 months they didnt run the payroll, as I am out of country, is this ok? do let me know is this fine to travel without amendment and without running payroll this long?Please share your valuable experience then I decide to comeback after getting a project or before Trump comes in :(

    H1B visa revoked after being pulled over for DUI

    Dear Rockersingh I can hear your pain, but just remember one thing US is not the end of the world, and its not only the place where you can live or earn. Now adays they are very strict about the drunk and driving, you do the level best to save you in this scenario, spend some bucks and hire someone who knows in and out of current scenario, dont trust this forum free messages, preferrably hire the best I can see Murthy forum might help you. Later what ever out come it is, its gods will!! Regards JD