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    How to report 1099 Misc on H1B?

    Hello all, I have a question that is really befuddling me. Basically I'm a physician working in the US under H1B being sponsored by a private medical group. My tax forms are of course a W2 from that private group. Now the hospital where our group works at directly issued us a payment in 2018 (some bonus for saving the hospital money). So now I've received a 1099-Misc form from the hospital where they report the payment in box 7. Because of this, it is apparently treated as self employment/business income by the IRS. But under the rules of H1B, I'm not allowed to have this type of income. How should I handle this in my tax returns? Thank you!
  2. mzdef

    Do I need a visa stamp?

    Hello, I feel stupid for asking this question but please bear with me. I'm a Canadian citizen (born in pakistan) who did a J1 residency in the US. I applied for H1b and J1 waiver and was approved for both and have started a J1 waiver job in the summer already. The thing is I haven't travelled outside the US in a long time so the only thing in my passport is the old I94 from the J1 days as well as a new I94 which I received in the mail (I guess for H1b status). I don't have any sort of visa stamp except for my old J1 stamp years ago. My question is do I need to travel outside the country (Canada would be most convenient obviously) and get a H1b visa stamp at the border? Will there be a problem that I've waited this long? What documents will I need? Is it a problem that I still have my old I94 in my passport? Does this affect my 3 year minimum waiver requirement? Thanks and again I should know this stuff but I'm clueless.