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  1. sunny256

    H4 - EAD renewal

    Hi I have a question on H4 EAD renewal. Current H1/H4/H4 EAD expires april 10 2020 and I have applied H1B-Transfer and H4/H4 EAD applications together and received my NEW H1B for 3 years. I also received receipts for the H4 and H4 EAD.Just receipts only received and case status currently yet in processing. The question i have here is that can the H4 EAD work with the receipt received after the current expiry-April 10 2020 or have to wait for the NEW CARD/Approval notice. Thanks,
  2. sunny256

    H1B transfer electrical engg

    Hi I'm currently working on h1b with employer A for 10 yrs since my Masters in Electrical engineering completed. Had H1B and multiple extensions with I 140 approved. I received offer from client for FTE in which client immigration team raised a concern Current immigration climate we have seen concerns/questions regarding the degree relevancy in cases where the beneficiary holds a electrical engineering and offered a IT job. They are Requesting evidence/evaluation on how a degree in electrical engineering can be technical and relevant to IT/Computer and can work in IT. Appreciate your responses. Thanks
  3. sunny256

    PERM Labor Certification

    Can anyone tell me how much time is it taking these days for GC Labor process for green card. Thanks,
  4. sunny256

    PERM Labor Certification

    Can anyone tell me how much time is it taking these days for GC Labor process for green card. Thanks,
  5. sunny256

    VISA renewal parents

    Hi I have a question for my parents VISA renewal. Currently their VISA is going to expire in 6 months and i'm not sure if i send VISA renewal papers can they go for drop box or have to go for interview. this would be their first renewal and i'm not sure if drop box eligible or VISA interview needed. Thanks,
  6. sunny256

    H4 EAD Validity

    I'm also plannign to apply H1 But My employer is asking me to pay 2500$ as part of H1 filing fee and i'm currently on H4 EAD working.He says its USCIS fee and Attorney fee...can he just charge this fee ? Also that if H1 is applied and approved do I need to go for NEW STAMPING or is it possible that i can COS to h4 as my H4EAD is still valid and working on that VISA. pls advise. Thanks,
  7. sunny256

    LCA client address

    Hi I'm in NJ and my client has moved to different location and its approx 35 miles from current location.My LCA has current address in it. do we need to update LCA new amendment for new address/location. Its still in NJ but different location. Thanks.
  8. sunny256

    Change of Status (H1 to H4)

    I believe approval ...but not sure
  9. sunny256

    Applying for H1B without COS while on H4 EAD

    I'm in same boat ...need some advise
  10. sunny256

    H4 EAD - Apply H1

    Hi Just want to see if anyone have info whether its best to apply for H1 this year while you are already working on H4EAD. As we see news that H4EAD may be revoked and I'm not sure if its better to apply..I still have EAD active till 2020 Jan. If we apply for H1 and have approved ...can we move back to H4 EAD if needed ? Any advise will be helpful. Thanks, Sunny
  11. Hi Anyone have interview on 30th Oct @vancouver and is sharing accommodation available. Thanks
  12. sunny256

    221g in Vancouver

    I'm visiting on 30th same as gates2017 ....do we think its better to proceed or wait ...?
  13. Anyone going for VISA around 30th Oct ,,,pls message me.I have on the same date.
  14. Hi Anyone have or willing to share accommodation around 30th Oct for VISA. Pls let me know Appreciate Thanks,
  15. Congrats on your VISA ...I have one upcoming on 30th Oct.Can you pls tell me stay/hotel nearest to consulate. Thanks,