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  1. Bseneo

    Pending DV charge and apply H1B extension

    I don’t think you will have an issue with the H1b extension. You may get a 221g when you go for stamping. That may delay visa processing by a couple of weeks so plan accordingly. It may be wise to go for stamping once your case has been dismissed and all conditions met. You will have to go through secondary screening at POE also but that should clear also. During the court proceedings, see if you can reduce the charges to disorderly conduct and then get the dismissal. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  2. Bseneo

    H1b Visa Dropbox with Arrest Record

    Following up guys. Can you please share your experience? It will be helpful to others like me in similar situations.
  3. Hi Vish - Can you please share your experience? That would be very helpful. Thanks!
  4. Bseneo

    H1b Visa Dropbox with Arrest Record

    Hi - Can you please share your experience? Did you go through Dropbox and if so what’s the result? Thanks in advance!
  5. Bseneo

    Canadian Visitor Visa

    I am an Indian passport holder currently residing in the US on h1b. I want to apply for a Canadian visitor visa for tourism. To that end, I wanted to get some more information on the admissibility. I have an arrest record for a misdemeanor, disorderly conduct from 2015. The case was dismissed and there was no conviction. I didn’t have to pay any penalty or do community service. Can you please let me know if I can apply for the visitor visa or would I have to apply for a Temporary Resident permit? I couldn’t find any relevant information on the website. I appreciate your help.
  6. Bseneo

    Problems at POE with DV charges

    Should be a week or so if not cleared already. Processing time can vary ibviously as you can imagine. Let us know how it goes. Good luck!
  7. Bseneo

    Problems at POE with DV charges

    Just have your court documents (final disposition), policy report etc handy. They will take you to secondary screening but it will clear.
  8. Bseneo

    2nd Time H1B Visa Interview with DUI

    Hi - Can you please share your experience? How did it go?
  9. Thank you for sharing. Can you please suggest the process to get Canadian visitor visa with an arrest record? Did you apply for a TRP or some sort of rehabilitation program? Thanks in advance!
  10. Bseneo

    221G passport retained

    Kites, Please do share an update on your case for everyone's benefit. Thanks!
  11. Dear Members, I am writing to seek your help. I was arrested on suspision of DV in 2015. The formal charge was disorderly conduct which was dismissed. There was no convinction. I went to New Delhi for my visa stamping in Feb 2017. I had disclosed my arrest on my DS-160 application. During the interview, VO asked for court documents and about the arrest, which I answered. VO reviewed the final court disposition. Subsequently I was told the visa is approved and I can collect my passport in 5 days. VO didn't take a copy of the court disposition. After 5 business days, I receive an email asking for the police report and the court documents, which I provided. My questions are below: 1. Not sure why the case went into admin processing after the VO said the "visa is approved". Any thoughts? 2. How long should I expect admin processing to last? I understand the official guidance is 60 days but realistically for Delhi, can it be as long as 60 days? 3. Anything I can do in advance to help my case? Thanks in advance!
  12. Ranjanswamy - I am in a similar boat as you... can you please share any updates on your case. Many thanks in advance for your help!
  13. Hello all - I had my visa interview in delhi. Same experience, VO said the visa is approved but CEAC shows administrative processing. Any experiences you can share will be helpful. Thanks.
  14. Bseneo

    Domestic violence charges and H1b Stamping

    Hi billu_life - Can you please share your experience? Did you get your visa stamped? Thanks in advance.
  15. Hi Ranjanswamy - Any update on your situation? I am in a simiar situation. Please let us know. Thank you and good luck!