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  1. Need help in getting clarification for interview ...working in EVC I did change from client c1 (SC) to c2 (FL). All the c2 client (FL) project work is done from cogniz's office located in (NC). So my LCA is from NC 1. During the interview if they ask me about "End-client" should i say cogniz(NC) or end client(FL) ? Option A -- Is it ideal to say Vendor (Congzi) is my end client [Sounds so fishy] ? Option B --- If i say End-Client is in (FL) then my LCA will not match ? Option C -- Give a long explanation to 1 wrd que [Suicide]. My end-client is FL "BUT" i work from cogniz office in NC Needs answers ..urgent ..going to Chennai loc for emergency in India Expedited Appointment(48hr) I know if i screw up will get 221g for no reason
  2. Its been a year plus ..how was it
  3. Its not breaking law, just that you have to provide 2 line ka explanation. Plus you need all letters
  4. Well i think for Point 1 will be your employer address . Was your interview done ..did you plan to go for mexico
  5. @vish0417 @dsukrish7 Are there any updates on your case Also which location was your stamping ?
  6. raju.s

    H1B Stamping Same MSA different client

    If you are within the same MSA or 50 miles radius its just 2 lines of explanation However its convincing if you have client and vendor letter There was one mumbai case i read was clear
  7. raju.s

    H1B Visa Stamping Ottawa

    What was your overall observation, next window 221g Do you think this is to do with personality of the individual Chiithi padhaa usne clinet walla ?
  8. How was your interview did all went good ...
  9. Google your name might have hit someone else Or maybe you flew over some countries
  10. Well looks like the TAL issue is still open if you have done Masters in past (avoid if so)
  11. @Anil V I have hardly seen anyone going to quebec for appt. Are you on EVC platform ?
  12. raju.s

    H1B Visa Stamping @ Mexico

    @santhosh37 I think you can max do 7 days via some transit card. Better get an MX visa for 100$ which will be good for future also
  13. raju.s

    H1B VISA STAMPING@Neuvo Laredo JAN30

    Have you heard about anyone getting 221g due to evc @Tjgarla @Reddyjnvn Are going in some sort of tour aka batch program or by self ?