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  1. I am sorry I wasn't clear! right now I am working as a contractor for a small company and I believe this is my client for now. So I wanted to know what all documents should I have with regards to this company(Client) so that I won't have a problem later if I get a full time at some other company.
  2. Thank you! That helps. Now if I want to join any other company for a full time position, what all documents will I need from this client? What all documents should I have in general? Since I am on contract, I haven't filled any forms till now!
  3. I am on F1 visa and currently on OPT. I am working as a Individual Independent contractor for a small company. 1) If the company is not e-verified can I apply for opt extension through it? 2) If the employer enrolls for e-verify after I have joined, can they still put me in the system(enroll me for e-verify)? 3) For OPT extension should I also be enrolled for e-verify? 4) Being an individual independent contractor on OPT, what all forms should I fill for the company? 5) Is I9 mandatory for individual contractor? 6) Can I travel to India even if the company is not e-verified? I highly appreciate if I get help in clearing my queries. Thank you in advance.