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  1. wanted to quickly update my H1B stamping experience.. I got my passport on 12/16 (had my interview on 12/12 with no 221g issued). Finally I'm back in the U.S. Good luck to everyone!
  2. yea... same here. A couple of my friends came last year and it was just a short 3 day trip for them. sigh.... I'm a full time employee and I got my mexican visa in San Jose. Definitely get your mexican visa before you come. It was only $36.
  3. Definitely lesson learned this time. I was aware of the potential risk (even though all the cases I read about Tijuana are all pretty smooth) but thought I would not be that unlukcy considering I'm not on EVC model, I'm not working in any sensitive area, and plus this is my second time getting H1B visa stamped (had the first one back in my home country). However, the reality is that anything could happen. It didn't happen to others doesn't mean it won't happen to me. I hope that my experience would help other people plan accordingly before going to a 3rd country.
  4. Thank you!! I'll for sure update this once everything gets cleared.
  5. First I wanted to thank everyone in advance for any input or advice you could provide. I had my h1B visa stamping interview on Monday (12/12), which was an easy and pleasant experience. The interview with the visa officer was less than one minute and I was told that my visa was approved and I should be able to pick up my passport the next day (12/13). When I went to pick up my passport on Tuesday I was told it was still processing and to check back on Wednesday (12/14) Around noon today, I received a phone call from the consulate informing me that the passport “definitely” wouldn’t be ready yesterday, and to try again today. I went to the consulate anyway in the afternoon hoping to find out more information. The lady asked me that whether the visa officer told me about security check during interview and I said no. She said it happens sometime....... I checked my visa status and it's showing "Administrative Processing". Has anyone had or seen same/similar experience before? Seeing almost everyone gets their passport back the next day after interview here at Tijuana and knowing now i'm stuck is really frustrating and this freaks me out..... Any input and advice would be greatly appreciated!