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  1. Thank you shekar11
  2. Hi leasonlearned, Your spouse's (H4) visa approved?
  3. Hi PoojaSingh and bobvisa, I have similar questions about my wife's (H4) stamping. In your case, H4 is visiting India without primary applicant (H1B)? If yes, is it possible, that H4 can use dropbox OR needs to face interview? please let me know. thanks
  4. Hi, We (me and spouse) recently changed our visa status when we were in U.S. Mine from J1 to H1B and spouse's J2 to H1B. Our H1B and H4 visa are valid for next two years (2019), however, our visa stamps were expired in June 2015 (originally J1 and J2 visa stamp). Now my spouse planning to visit India in October/November 2017 and come back in Dec. 2017. I can not visit this time. Do primary applicant (H1B) needs to there for visa stamping? Will there be any issue for H4 visa stamp (because H1 visa stamp is not there in my passport)? Please advise. thank you.
  5. Hi GV, With transfer receipt you can start working with new employer. This is really a rush-hour for premium processing and I hope you will receive positive response in couple of days.
  6. Hi friends, This week my employer (University A - CAP Exempt) applied for premium processing. Yesterday (3/29), I checked "case status" and it was "We received a request for Premium Processing". But today (3/30) when I checked "case status" it shows "Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailed". I am not sure if it is again gone into "Normal Processing". Please let me know. thanks for your help.
  7. Hello, Please advise me. My initial H1B approved in December 2016 at University A. Then on Jan 6, 2017, University B applied for my H1B transfer and I received a transfer receipt and started working with University B. 1. My spouse (H4) can travel to India? or we will need to wait for H4 approval? 2. Does current visa related news/issues/rumours has an effect on visa approval, especially academic H-1B (cap exempt)? 3. What about Premium Processing? Please give your opinion. Thanks
  8. Go for premium processing. Mine was same case, but got approval in few days.
  9. Thank you JoeF, I will contact them and discuss what you suggested. BTW, you are doing great job by helping others. Thank you,
  10. Yes, It is possible to change visa status within US. I have seen several J-1 transferred to H-1B without going back to home country.
  11. Hi JoeF, Thanks for reply. The University "B" said that they can not transfer J-1, as I got waiver 212(e). Here what they quote (Please follow website) ----> "If you have applied to the U.S. Department of State for a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement, and your waiver has been approved, you are not eligible to transfer." Yes, even I am not going to work with my current University-A, they suggested that "get your H-1B approved here and then transfer to "B".
  12. Hello JoeF, Thank you for reply. The University B asked me to wait for H1B approval. Once approved, they will work with Current University A for "H-1B TRANSFER". BTW, after 8 months of waiting, I applied for premium processing and now waiting for their receipt :( . Do you know, they will send email or post-mail about Premium processing application receipt? It is about 3 days, we sent application. Please let me know and thanks for helping hand.
  13. Same issue. I have applied on March 21 at California processing center and still waiting............. Please let me know if yours get approved. Thanks
  14. @ Hari, Did you received any update on your approval? Have you applied for academic or industry H-1B?
  15. Friends I have related question about H-1B transfer, I am working at "University A" as J-1 scholar since June 2012 and DS2019 is valid till May 2017. I got my waiver and applied for H-1B in March 2016 and still waiting for approval (>8 months). Now, I want to move to another "University B" in January 2017. Can I transfer to new University on current J-1? OR I need to wait for H-1B approval? Anybody applied for H-1B (normal processing) between March-May 2016 and got approval? Please advise me and let me know at earliest convenience. Many thanks