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  1. I have a valid H1B approval Notice I797 and it says valid from 1/1/2019 to 12/31/2019. However, the I94 date on the below portion valid from 1/1/2019 until 01/10/2020. Now, my employer applied for an extension, which has validity from 1/11/2020 to 12/31/2020. My question is am I allowed to work from 1/1/2020 to 1/10/2020 for the 10 days? The difference in I94 and H1B start date is confusing me. Please let me know experts. Any guidance will be sincerely appreciated.
  2. Whenever there is a material change in the conditions of employment, a new lca and amended petition for h1b needs to be filed. So if your salary decreases, an Lca and h1b amendment needs to be filed. GC will not be affected by this. USCIS is extremely vigilant these days and if possible you should have the same soc code but in case the employment conditions change, the employer can change the Soc code. Approval or denial of H1B will depend on the documentation your employer presents in front of USCIS. SOC level has nothing to do with it. However, level 1s are being frowned these days.
  3. Rohitkaku1804

    How much time do I have on H1B

    Experts-- I came on H1B on Oct 1st, 2014 for company A, In feb 2017, company applied for H1B extension and it got approved till August 2020. Because of some personal reasons, I had to leave my job and go back to India in April 2017. I left job on April 7, 2017. The company revoked the H1B and the revocation notice was sent on May 3rd, 2017. I came back to US on H4 in June, 2017, got the H4EAD and worked on EAD till 6/30/2019. I got back on H1B from 7/1/2019 which is approved till 6/30/2020. At this point of time, how much time do I have left on my H1B? Can I apply for extension on this H1B post 2020?
  4. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B amendment - received a NOID

    Experts, I have an H1-B with a valid I-94 till May, 2021. I found a new project and started that project in Feb, 2019. Only Amendment filed and notice received on Jan 31st, 2019. Received an RFE in May 2019, replied on June 5, 2019. Received a NOID today - Notice Explaining USCIS Actions Was Mailed. Questions - 1) Do we see a NOID in only Amendment applications? 2) If the amendment petition is rejected, can we file a new amendment again with the same client. I understand that new amendment will require new LCA and submission to USCIS which will take a week. I will not work for that week as I am not allowed. 3) Can they send a NOID and cancel the complete H1-B (the one with valid I-94 till May 2021)? Please let us know. Thanks,
  5. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B amendment

    Can I travel while my amendment is in progress? If yes, then how do I approach visa stamping?
  6. Rohitkaku1804

    H1b Amendment Question

  7. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B stamping and H4

    Experts, I am on H4 and working on EAD. My employer already filed an H1-B for me and I am waiting for the result of H1-B petition.My spouse has a urgent family matter and need to leave the country. My employer's attorneys are asking me not to leave the country till we get an answer on the H1-B petition. My questions are as follows. 1) Can my spouse go by himself and go for his H1-B stamping? 2) Can I stay in US and wait for the I-129 result in case my spouse gets stuck with 221g? 3) How long will I have in case his visa gets rejected at the interview. (Worst case scenario) I have heard so many bad experiences and want to cover every scenario and want to prepare myself accordingly thats why the question. Please suggest. Thanks.
  8. Rohitkaku1804

    DHS published any RULE on H4-EAD?

    Experts, Has DHS published any rule on H4-EAD? Once they decide to do away with the EADs for H4 holders, what will happen to existing valid EADs? I did apply for COS to H1B but apparently its taking 8 months to get an answer, there is no premium available, hence the question?
  9. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B Client letter

    Employer has submitted purchase order & SOW with the petition, I was wondering if USCIS need the client letter to approve or will PO & SOW will suffice? I checked with the employer, he says we are good to go and dont need any other document.
  10. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B Client letter

    Working at a client on Employer-Client (EC) model. H1-B transfer filed. All docs submitted. The client is not giving any sort of letter, they say with EC model it is not required. Please advise if this is true.
  11. Rohitkaku1804

    Visa Stamping - H1-B

    Is it safe to go for H1-B stamping these days anywhere? I have a MS in Software Engineering and working on an EVC model. I have clients letter and all other related documents but I have heard that there are problems in H1-B stamping these days.
  12. Rohitkaku1804

    H1-B stamping in Toronto

    Came to US in June, 2013 on F2. My employer filed H1 which got approved starting 10/01/2014. I have been working for the same employer ever since. I recently got an approval for extension valid till 2021. I have an approved I-140 as well. Can I go to Toronto for my visa stamping. I have never travelled outside US after arriving in June, 2013. I have a MS in Software Engineering from Sweden. Please advise.
  13. Rohitkaku1804

    H1 plus H4 filing

    Experts, My H1b application extension and spouse's h4 application filed together. I have the FEDEX delivery number, it says it will arrive in Lincoln, NE. This is for the employer in MI. Has the package been sent to the right location. Please let us know.
  14. Rohitkaku1804

    Need For Amendment

    Client is the same, employer same, salary same, job duties same. But I was moved from one building to another which is just a block away from original building (LCA filed for this address). The team is different and client is doing this as the cost center on their end needs to be changed to pay for my services. Is there a need to file an amendment?
  15. Rohitkaku1804

    H4 travel, h1-B aplication in process

    Approved H4 till May 15,2018, working on EAD. Company applying for H1-B, petition filed. Can I travel outside country and come back on H4 before may, 2018 and before H1-B result? Thanks.