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  1. molagapodi

    Travel during H1-B transfer

    I have a valid visa until June 2021 with my current employer. Last month, another company offered me a job and I accepted the offer. The labor got approved last week and they are in the process of applying for my H1B transfer. Since premium processing is not possible for the time being, I am not sure how long it would take for H1B transfer to be approved and for me to get my I797. My new employer is ok with me joining on H1 receipt. However, before I join them I would like to take 7-10 days off and go to Europe for vacation. I have a visa stamp and I797 valid until June 2021. Is it ok to travel considering in this situation? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. im in the same boat- i attended biometrics earlier today and my interview is tomorrow. I answered no to that question in my DS160 form in spite of my I140 being approved. What can i do?
  3. molagapodi

    Travel On OPT while awaiting H1 lottery decision

    2. Her COS from F1 to H1 will be abandoned by travel before the H1 decision, though the H1 will be decided on merits. So your advise would be to strictly not travel during those dates unless H1 application doesnt get picked? What if we came to know that her application was in fact picked before our travel date? Would we still risk abandonment of the COS? I wish there was some kind of USCIS documentation regarding this which I could refer to. Please point me towards it if you can. Thanks
  4. Please help me out with advise/suggestions folks My wife is currently on her OPT (F1-visa) which will NOT expire until end of next year (30 December 2018). Her company (full time) has applied for her H1 & as of today she does not know if her h1 was lottery picked or not. We are also when the lottery will be picked. In the meantime, we are flying to India (May 18 to June 13). Now, given this scenario, I have following questions: 1. If her h1 is picked while we are in India, will it be a problem for her to come back even though she has an unexpired OPT? 2. Will her H1 application be abandoned if her application gets picked and they find out that she is currently not in America? And if this is true will she be able to travel back to India? 3. Will it be safe to travel back with her OPT visa if the H1 gets rejected? We were initially scheduled to do this trip in february but because of the executive order and travel ban that came during that time, we were advised to not travel since I needed to get my visa stamped. We hence had it rescheduled to the above mentioned dates. Your suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Dear Sir/Madam I am currently on my H1B visa and I had made plans to go to India next tuesday and I have my visa stamping interview in Hyderabad on the 13th of February. I am supposed to fly back on the 28th of february. My wife who is currently on her 24 month OPT-STEM extension is also accompanying me during the same dates (she will not be having any visa interview). Do you think it is safe for me and/or my wife to travel? Thank you in advance.
  6. molagapodi

    Travel outside US on STEM OPT (H1 applied)

    Thanks pontevecchio for replying. I was just wondering if the visa status changes from F1 to H1 if her H1 visa gets picked through lottery. I hope it doesn't but need confirmation.
  7. My wife is currently on her STEM OPT and it is valid until the end of 2018. She & I will be travelling to Europe and back to Atlanta at the end of April 2017. Her employer would have applied for her H1B visa as of April 1st 2017. If her H1 Visa gets picked before we return, will it be a problem when we enter the US?