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  1. Krishna_312

    Visa revocation out of DUI?

    It took me 4 weeks to get my Visa stamped from the day of my Visa Interview. As far as H4 Visa for my wife, I wont be attending the Interview right. Does she need to carry the Court documents related to my DUI case for her Interview?
  2. Krishna_312

    Visa revocation out of DUI?

    @Mani_Ravi Hi, I had a DUI last year September. My Case was still in pending when I went to India this August. I went through the Panel Physician and got my Visa Stamping and I am back in USA. Now I am found guilty and I am on Probation for 1 year. My marriage is In March and I have to go to India and my wife should go for H4 visa stamping. Will my DUI case effect her Visa Stamping in any way? Thanks in Advance.