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  1. O1visaapplicant

    221(g) Administrative Processing

    Please update here if you have heard anything back about your 221 g
  2. O1visaapplicant

    221(g) Administrative Processing

    Hi Dileep and Swapna, Any updates on your cases? I received a 221 G on Oct 18th and no replies received yet.. still waiting. Document submission day for me was 10/28/16. Thank you
  3. O1visaapplicant

    O-1 Visa, Petition returned to USCIS

    Hi KKVT, I would like to know if you would be able to post what was the final decision on this case? I was issued a 221 g a month ago on O1 and have not heard back. It would be really helpful if you can provide the final outcome of this case? Thank you
  4. O1visaapplicant

    O-1 visa case evaluation

    Hi rr6910, Did u apply and did u get it? Did u come to India for a stamping? Can you please share your experience during stamping? Thanks
  5. O1visaapplicant

    need help with - Hold case/221 G & Refusals/214B

    Hi Guys, Did both of you get your visas approved? I got the same email from usvisatraveldocs. How long did it take you? THanks.
  6. O1visaapplicant

    H1-B Mumbai 221-g

    Hi Laya17, Any updates on your case? I interviewed at the Mumbai consulate too on the 18th and they gave me a 221 g. I submitted additional documents on 10/27, did not get an autoreply. SO had to call the other folks and make sure that they had the documents. My status update date has not changed either from 10/18 to the day I submitted additional information Is your status approved now? If so, can you please indicate the dates? Thank you for your time.