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  1. swapna gowaravajjala

    Should I file a H1B Amendment?

    Hello Everyone, I was hoping if someone could give a suggestion about my situation. I have been working with the same company from the past 5 years. I initially filed for an H1 amendment as I was moving to another city and work remotely. The application received an RFE and since my H1 was going to expire in August 2019, we decided to withdraw the application, file a H1 extension and then reapply for the amendment once the extension is approved. My H1 just got approved last week and is valid until August 2022. My lawyer recommends me not to file an amendment and suggests me to stay in the work location as the chances of denial are higher. In case a H1 amendment gets rejected, will there ever be a case where an approved H1B extension will also be rejected? Please advise. Thank you.
  2. swapna gowaravajjala

    221g @Hyderabad

    My visa was approved and I got my passport back. Looks like one of the reasons could be because the PIMS database was not updated with my info. But i could be wrong. My visa was issued on Dec 1st. Thanks for all the help and suggestions folks.
  3. swapna gowaravajjala

    221g @Hyderabad

    I wasn't given any. Maybe it is suppose to come through mail or an email. Completed Masters in louisiana in 2013.
  4. swapna gowaravajjala

    221(g) Administrative Processing

    Hi, I have had the same issue (Hyderabad on 11/23/16) I was received a white form with administrative processing checked. I am a full time eployee who works directly for the client. It would be nice if someone could assist regarding this. The last i remember was VO stating some sort of questionnaire. I was blanked when I received the form therefore haven't paid attention to what happened next.
  5. swapna gowaravajjala

    221g @Hyderabad

    I am a full time employee. There's no client/vendor. I work directly for the company.
  6. swapna gowaravajjala

    221g @Hyderabad

    Hi I also had a similar experience yesterday (11/23/16) ( Hyderabad)The VO officer asked me questions regarding who my petitioner was and my gross salary. She has asked me for LCA, highest degree of education. She has issued me a 221g form where the option Your application required additional administrative processing before a final decision can be made was checked. I am not sure what needs to be done from my end and why was the form issued. I did not know if it was something that can be asked. The last i remember was filling some sort of questionnaire. I haven't received any questionnaire during my interview. Please advise.