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  1. Hi, I got my EB2 based green card. Before getting my greencard I used my GC based EAD, same employer as per H1b and same employer all the while. Because of covid 19, getting project through my staffing company is not happening and hence almost no pay stub just before getting GC and also 8 months after GC approval. Employer and employee still have INTENTION to be together. You think this might affect my future GC renewal or citizenship? Employer hasn't terminated me so far and I don't think they will. Initial GC based PERM labor, etc filed in east coast, after several years...am in west coast now and got GC approved 8 months ago, but job responsibilities, salary, role are not very different .....IT/Software industry...no surprise there... Please let me know your opinion on this. Thanks.
  2. vkb1980

    140 based EAD/acceptance cut off based EAD

    Oh okay, that helps. Thanks for the reply !!
  3. Hi, I am a bit confused. The "140 for EAD" is different from "485/EAD/AP filing based on ACCEPTANCE CUTOFF DATE"?? Now that they have finalized 140 based EAD, it looks like it does more harm than good and in fact, dangerous !! if you get EAD through 140 based one, you can't do 485-need to do consular processing of GC, your eligibility for further EAD renewal may be gone if our EB2 priority date retrogresses more than a year as per final action date, plus spouse don't automatic renewal. The "Compelling situation" claw makes it real deal breaker. My EAD/AP/485 has been filed based on "ACCEPTANCE CUTOFF-Dates for filing" . I am not sure if this is to worry or this EAD is like the actual green card EAD or...if this is the same horrible EAD like the 140 based EAD. Please share your opinion.Thanks.