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  1. john pickle

    Denied Once

    Here is the thing, officer only asked me if I was ever arrested or convicted, which I never was. I was never even been handcuffed or summoned to any court or even been served in my life. I even explained her what happened in details. I didn't say Yes or No directly. I explained the situation. So, now, I have no past due child support payment, no past due taxes, no public record of any debt on my credit report, no criminal acts, felony, misdemeanor, arrest, conviction at all. They just approved my green card renewal application for 10 year renewal & got my card also. I just hate being surprised after spending tons of money that I'm not approved. If you guys have any additional questions, please feel free to ask if that help you to help me a bit. Thank you so much in advance.
  2. john pickle

    Denied Once

    I first applied for N-400 in 2008 after the final interview, the sent me deny letter & below are their reason: When I was married to my ex-wife, supposedly ( i never did) one day she filed a police report stating I closed the door on her & busted her lips. I never knew about it untill few years later one night I got pulled over & officer told me I have outstanding warrant for Assult battery but he didin't arrest me. I then hired a lawyer & in court, she never showed up & charge was dismissed. I was never arrested or convicted or summoned to be in court. So, on the interview, when officer asked me if i was ever arrested or convicted, I explained her the whole story. Also I told her that whole we were married, she was receiving housing assistance from govt. Also, at that time, I had a credit card acocunt that was charged off & was on public record. So, they mentioned all those 3 reasons to deny my N-400 application & advised me to apply after 5 years so that I can establish good moral character. Now, recently I just renewed my green card for another 10 years & got the card in mail last month. I've been filing my taxes on time, no bad credit & no crime what so ever since 2008 when they denied me. My main questions are if I was to go ahead re-apply for N-400 now, will they still hold on to the old reasons? Do i need to get a lawyer to apply or do it myself? If for any reason they deny this time also, will I be a subject of removal? FYI, my current wife is also a Born US citizen & we have 2 children together & I hold a well respected position in a well reputed IT company currently. I will greatly appreciate & will be grateful to you for any advice you can offer me. Thank you!