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  1. Hello I was on h1b i had to switch to h4 ead while my 140 based extension was in progress now it has been approved and I have h1b extension (based on I 140) my employer hasn’t done a i539 yet to switch me to h1b what am I really losing here ? (By continuing to stay in h4 ead and not being back on h1b) thanks for your time.
  2. Hi i changed employers on September last year, they filed the H1B amendment /extension. The employer received the approval only today in Jan 2019 with validity back dated to October 2018. Do I still have the 60 days grace period to do something about this ? To make it clear, I joined on receipt and I was on the new employer’s payroll till date Question is, does the 60 day period start from the date of receipt(today) of uscis decision. (Say I have 60 days from today to re -apply for date correction/H1B extension or apply for COS to H4 in case I have a H1B spouse with 140 ...etc) Thanks for your time
  3. Hello Thanks for your concern and taking time to answer this query. Say my spouse has an approved(over a year) I140 with ex-employer. Spouse joins a new company - company B who would start the GC process again. Can I get my H4 EAD right now, immediately after spouse joins company B ? (or should I wait for company B to start spouse's GC process again - LC-PERM-I140, the long process and only when spouse reaches I140 stage again with the current employer - company B)? in short, would I be able to get my H4 EAD based on spouse's I140 with previous company? and question 2. how long does H4 ead take? Thanks for your time again!.
  4. Thanks pontevecchio. That is very clear, it 'has' to start from scratch. But, considering there is already an approved I140 (of course from a previous employer for a position in that org during that time in the past), will any step until I140 would be faster/shorter(faster/shorter just because this person has already has an I140)? This is the essence of my question. I will be glad if you could advise on this timeline/duration point of view to the process till I140. Or with what you already told in your response, you are already telling me it will take it's own time by the book regardless there is an active I140 held by this person? Thanks again.
  5. Hello Thanks for your time and immigration advise. A friend worked for a company where he had his I-140 approved(approved in 2014) and he quit his job in 2016, moved to H4 status(H1B spouse). Now he is joining a company who'd sponsor his GC. The previous I-140 is active. Now when the new company starts his GC process, how long will it take to reach the I-140 state again? Will it be very soon considering he has an active I-140 from the previous organization or will this take 6-8 months time as it has to start from scratch ? Thanks.
  6. Hello, Here is a brief summary of my situation. I am planning to quit my current job, I am on H1B(Valid till 2020) and I have a I-140 approved last year. I also have a valid B2. My spouse is also a H1B and we have a new born baby(US citizen). My passport is with the consulate for renewal, I will get it in 1 week. I am also planning to quit in a week(I cannot quit later, I have a firm decision due to harassing work situation). Now, my questions and worries are only about the timelines and out of status issues. I don't have my passport with me right now, does that stop me from applying for a H4 right now with my spouse's H1B ? (Can someone provide guidelines on how to apply for H4 as well, step by step, it will be helpful) For some reason, if I cannot apply H4 right now and if I quit in one week, how much time do I got after quitting to apply for H4 ? Remember I have a valid B2 stamped, will my B2 visa be of any help in this situation ? I'd be glad if you could read my post thoroughly, consider all the points I mentioned and answer me accordingly(The thing that I have to quit soon, I don't have my passport handy, I have a B2, I have a newborn ughhhhh and Even though I am in a tight spot due to all these, I am not ruling out the option of traveling back to my country and re-entering after having a visa stamped) Thanks for taking time and for your ideas.