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  1. h1bindividual

    Notice of Intent to revoke - h1B amendment was filed late

    Hi Sanjay - I m still waiting for a decision from USCIS . I believe you can transfer your VISA after NOIR as well but its better to get it done before that .
  2. h1bindividual

    Notice of Intent to revoke - h1B amendment was filed late

    thanks for the response pontevecchi . Other members - request you to share your inputs as well . Just want to know the probability of success here so that i can plan my things accordingly .
  3. Hi - Though I started working on new location (location B) starting Jan first week 2016 . I was travelling on weekly basis from Location A to Location B(current location) for 2 weeks and then 3rd week I worked from Location A . Finally I moved to Location B on Jan last week 2016. We could not find amendment on time because we were waiting on a decision on H1B Extension and i was advised that unless we receive a decision from USCIS on current petition , we cannot file amendment . So we upgraded the current petition to premium and once we got approval from USCIS on H1B Extension , we filed amendment on March 2nd week 2016. In May , USCIS audit happened at Old Location (location A) and as i was not there , after couple of months i received Notice of Intent to Revoke (NOIR). Could anybody here please let me know what are my chances of success here ?