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  1. @shabee what did your immigration lawyer say?
  2. Somehow people who are helped here NEVER come back and update others on the status.. as for the above question - i'm in the same situation with my wife being born in Nepal but India listed as place of birth. She's the derivative for my GC application - thinking she should go to India, get the new passport, US visa and then file I-485 using cross-chargeability. Thoughts/help on that approach please? Thank you!
  3. Avefgtr

    Port of Entry issues after 1/27 Ban?

    Attorneys say I should be fine because its not a CIMT and it was a long time ago in 2011. HOWEVER,. after my recent experience with the Newark CBP (they had me scared), I'm interested in finding out recent experiences from H1B workers who made it through..
  4. Has anyone, with a few year old non-aggravated DUI, experienced any issues at the Port of Entry after the executive Order was signed? Is there anyone who made it through without issues? If so, which POE? Thanks,
  5. Plus 2.. Can you please shed a little light on your expert opinion about this?
  6. Avefgtr

    Specific Question about Visa Revocation

    one last question for you all - Is there a time period after a DWI when I wouldn't get a 221g for Medical Eval? For example, Since its been 5.5 years, is there a chance the consulate will grant me a Visa without going through a Medical Eval? Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks!
  7. Avefgtr

    Specific Question about Visa Revocation

    @shekar11# My concern was about the recent revocation policies, any input on that? Also, are you certain that they will give me a 221G, even though the DUI was 5 years ago?
  8. I'm currently on a H1 visa - -First approved - Dec 2010 -First stamp - March 2011 -DUI - 7/28/2011, misdemeanor -Haven't been out of the country since -GC Application I-140 approved, Nov 2015 date -Just got the H1b extension for 3 years based on I-140 -No other violations since 2011 except a few speeding tickets. I'm thinking about going to get my stamp, and have the disposition documents from 2011. 1. Do I need to be worried about the Visa Revocation that State Department is doing? 2. Are there any other options to get my stamp? Thanks!