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  1. manning

    I-485 with shoplifting conviction

    I think most employers look only for felonies. Even felonies have a time limit after which they don't consider it. In my company it is 7 years. In your case its mostly a misdemeanor and that is 13 years ago. If you have had no issues in these 13 years after the incident, you should be okay. This post might give you some confidence
  2. manning

    H1B visa stamping question

    As your last stamping was in 2014, you are not eligible for dropbox. Interview slots are available but you have to plan to stay in india for at least 3 months. The embassies are opening slots in a controlled manner.
  3. manning

    H4 Admin Processing

    Missing information from whom ?
  4. manning

    H4 Admin Processing

    Hi All, In 2014, I was charged for shoplifting @ walmart for merchandise worth $44. I went to the court where the charge was downgraded and amended to a municipal township ordinance violation. I had no issues with my visa extensions and transfers since then. My wife had to go to India. Since her visa stamp was not valid, she went for stamping. During her visa interview she was told her visa is approved. After 3 weeks she received a 221g blue slip asking for arrest details. She does not have any arrest records or any law enforcement encounters. I am pretty sure this is something related to my case. I am planning to write a letter to the embassy and give them my documents related to the arrest. Since it was my wife's visa application I did not mention about the arrest record in DS 160. Had no intentions to hide. I have always put those records where ever asked but this time, it was only my wife who was going for stamping and I did not mention that. Even the VO mentioned that her visa is approved. We got 221g later. Has anyone had this issue before ? In case my wife's H4 gets denied, does that mean my H1B would also be effected ?? Thanks
  5. If you have an option for Personal Interview, opt for it. From what I see in other posts, if the case is older than 5 years or if it is already handled in one of your previous stamping, it should be OK. Also how much time did it take to get your 221g resolved. I mean in how many days did you get your stamping done after they issued 221g ?
  6. Have you got your visa stamped after the incident ? If you have already gotten your visa stamped once after the incident, the second time should be fine but mention your arrest in DS 160!
  7. manning

    Arrest impact on future VISA

    Will it be rejected in H1B stamping ?
  8. manning

    H1B with a misdemeanor

    No I did not expunge the case. I had no issues in the POE. I think it was because the case was downgraded to a township ordinance violation which is non criminal.
  9. manning

    H1B with a misdemeanor

    Yes I was finger printed.
  10. manning

    H1B with a misdemeanor

    Hi All, Two years ago I was stopped at Walmart for Shoplifting. I was moving to a new apartment. I had to purchase some basic furniture, TV and utensils for my Kitchen. I had shopped for around $750. My wife had placed a couple of small wooden planks at the bottom of the cart (as the top space was filled with other stuff) which went unnoticed during billing. Even I somehow didn't notice it. The cost of the planks were just $20. I got all items billed (except the planks). When I was moving out of Walmart a security officer stopped me and questioned me about the planks. I immediately agreed that I overlooked it's presence and tried to convince him that I didn't intend to steal. In spite of telling him that I purchased stuff worth $750 and had no intentions to save a mere $20 by stealing something he was somehow not convinced. We had a very tiring day purchasing things for our new apt. We had also shopped in Ikea. When he heard that he immediately responded by saying "So, how much did you steal from Ikea". My wife got angry and started yelling at him. He called the police. I was taken to the police station and charged with shoplifting in walmart for $20. I explained this to my attorney. He got the charge reduced to a township ordinance. After my attorney looked at the video tapes he did suggest me to go for the trial. As the cost of the attorney was too much I just agreed to get the charges downgraded to a township ordinance (I realize the mistake I did now. I thought the case wasn't that serious and the attorney was just trying to make more money). Fast forward 2 years.. My H1B renewal was due 2016 and I mentioned about this incident to my employer and the law firm. They said it shouldn't harm my renewal. I got my H1B approval without any issues. I am yet to go for stamping. I did travel in and out of US after the incident and had no issues. My employer is filing my I-140. I am waiting for it's results. Hope this helps someone in the same situation.