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  1. Hi guys,

    I am also in the same boat like you.. Had my H1b renewal with new employer, interview is Ottawa on Sept 20th. Routine questions from VO lady and then asked for my resume. She looked at her computer and read the notes. took a minute or so and then gave me back my passport. She went and made copy of my I-797 and returned me the original. Gave me blue 221g and said the application needs clearance. She must have thought i belong to TAL. but i am Mechanical Engg Masters working in Pharma manufacturing industry as Engineering Manager.

    (I had 221g yellow/green for additional documents back in 2013 when i went to Mumbai for interview. It took 25 days to clear and another 3-4 days to get passport back)

    She said it will take 3-4 weeks to clear. 

    My case updates so far:

    Case created: 16th Sept,

    Case Update: 20th Sept

    2nd Case Update: 13th Oct (Received email to submit the passport asap personally) Early morning drove to Ottawa back from Toronto and submitted the passport on 14th Oct, Friday at 10am. (The email said, it will take 3-4 business days after passport submission to get the passport back in canada post.)

    No update after that. Called Ottawa embassy on ext 5361 and asked for the status. The lady said, they received clearance from DC but the VO still has to clear the case. then it will go to print.

    So i emailed on 17th Oct, Monday asking what is delaying the process.

    3rd Case Update: 18th Oct. (Got the email that my visa process is complete and i should expect my passport within 4-5 business days)

    19th Oct: No update so far and i am trying to call them to find out the status. Nobody picking up.

    I have 2 of my friend also in 221g blue- both had interview on 22nd Sept. (one is a lab supervisor in pharma and other is Chemical engineer lead in Oil company)


    Does any of you guys know how much time it takes for embassy to process the visa after receiving the passport?