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  1. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    My visa was issued today, 4th Nov 2016. Already sent my passport. Hoping to have it back Monday 7th Nov 2016. Visa interview date was 13th Oct 2016, I was given 221g due to TAL.
  2. I had my interview in Ottawa on 13th October. Was issued 221g and I am still waiting . I have quoted by experience below
  3. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    Hi Sureshbabu, can you let us know when you get your passport back from the consulate with the visa stamp?
  4. Shawshank

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    Congrats biodallas! Did you submit the passport to the Ottawa consulate in person?
  5. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    Passports have been returned to most people (including me).
  6. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    I am on my 4th working day right now, so I am sure I have many more days to wait. I am currently roaming around within Canada (might as well make a partial vacation out of the wait time !) , so I will let you know when I am back in Ottawa.
  7. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    Yes, I will post my updates in this forum, and will keep monitoring for others' progress as well. Hopefully, everyone else involved in this thread will post their updates so everyone gets an idea of wait times.
  8. Shawshank

    First timer H1 approval From Canada

    Yes, i know a person who got her first stamping done in Ottawa, Canada. Visa interview was on Oct 13th, and the passport (with visa stamp) was available for pickup next day evening.
  9. Shawshank

    221g Blue @ Chennai Consulate

    I was in your situation in 2013 in Chennai. It took 3 weeks to get clearance and another 2-3 days to get the passport in hand.
  10. Shawshank

    Calling all 221g in Ottawa

    1. Interview date & Time: Oct 13th 2016 2. Case created / Status update: oct 11 /oct 13 3. # of working days so far: 4 4. Consulate kept any docs : Resume 5. Consulate asked any additional information: No 6. Consulate kept Passport : No 7. VO comment: We need to do additional processing like we did before in 2013. It can take 3 weeks or 3 months. Hence, I will return your passport to you 7. Color of 221g : Blue 8. Any other info would like to share: Took 15-18 working days to get my previous clearance in Chennai. The visa was issued only for 2 years from the date clearance was received. 9. Still in CANADA ?? Yes
  11. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    Hi sureshbabu, In Ottawa, the VO took my resume and handed my passport back to me. If I remember right, it took about 15 to 18 working days to complete the clearance check in Chennai (the VO retained my passport then). Even in Chennai, I was asked to submit only my resume. The visa was given for 2 years instead of the usual duration (3 yrs OR till the I797 expires).
  12. Shawshank


    Hello Raj100, Hope you have your visa by now, How many days did it take ?
  13. Shawshank

    221G OTTAWA SEP 2016

    Hello all, The VO gave me a blue 221g form and asked for my resume in Ottawa on Oct 13th. Her questions were What company do you work for and what does the company do? What at is your role? Did you do research during your masters? Can I see your previous visa? ( I had a 221g with 'Clearance received' stamped on the visa from 2013 in Chennai) Once she saw my previous visa, she mentioned "We have to do the same check we did in 2013" and handed my passport back. She said the check can take 3 weeks or 3 months. I will post updates to this forum.