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  1. Updates on my case - My employer sent the I-40 on Friday, 14 Oct (visa interview day) and Visa was approved on Monday morning. It reached Richmond post office on Monday and Tuesday was in transit to post office Burrard street. As per Rosogulla's advise went in around 2 to chceck package and it was there :)
  2. I am in EC model (direct full time employee). I am very stressed. Let's see what happens.
  3. Any one interested to meet on Tuesday for dinner?
  4. 1. Interview date & Time: 14 Oct 2016 2. Case created / Status update: Adiministrative Processing 3. # of working days so far: 0 4. Consulate kept any docs : I-797, Passport 5. Consulate kept Passport : Yes 6. VO comment: Email Copy of I-140 (my employer does not give I-140 to employee) 7. Color of 221g : White My employer attorney sent the I-140 copy on the same day - Friday. I am waiting for confirmation email from consulate about the document. Really concerned about processing time. Folks who were stuck for weeks in Vancouver, where did you stay? Hotels are so expensive. Cannot afford to stay in vancouver when response time is unknown.