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  1. Visa Interview On Thursday, Feb. 7, 2019 in the morning. This is my second stamping at Vancouver. VO: Is this your first H1b Stamping ME: No. Several of them prior to this. VO: What's you title? ME: Answered VO: What's your salary? ME: Answered VO: What's your highest education? ME: Answered VO to my Wife: Do you work? Wife: No. VO: Your visa is approved. Friday, Feb. 8 - online status said "Administrative Processing" Monday, Feb. 11 @ 1:00PM - Status changed to "Issued". At 2:00pm Email received from consulate with Canada Post Tracking No. At 3:00 Email received from Canada Post with same tracking ID. At 3:30- Another email from Canada Post saying packaged picked up. Tuesday Feb. 12 @ 9:00am - Email from Canada Post saying Passport is ready for pick up. Overall, smooth experience. Good luck everyone!
  2. Interview date & Time: 12th October 7.45 am 2. Case created / Status update: 7th Oct / 12th Oct 3. # of working days so far: 4 days 4. Consulate kept any docs :None 5. Consulate kept Passport : No 6. VO comment: Email documents described on 221g yellow slip. Review may take some time. 7. Color of 221g : Yellow Third time H1b Visa Stamping. No issues on previous stamping. No 221g.
  3. I had interview on October 12th. Received 221g and VO asked to email my resume and my microbiology research details. Submitted them on same day. Please share if you received updates processing time. Thank you
  4. Mpate38

    Vancouver- sep 14 221g yellow slip

    Hi 19Kumar79, I have exact situation as yours. My interview was on 12th Oct. 2016. This was my Third stamping and I was given yellow slip as well. He asked for my Resume and letter detailing my research. He also gave me my passport back. Please let me know how much time did it take for you? Please help!