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  1. Gurmail

    Indian Born having austrelian Citizen

    They can come on E3 visa if Australian Citizen. Very easy: if they have job offer, take LCA and job offer letter to consulate. It is fairly simple process. But job offer is required.
  2. Gurmail

    TN1 to green card

    Hi Chikloo, If you are already here on TN visa, can you please share your employer letter? I also did indepth research about the TN visa and GC filing. Can share some thoughts with you. My email: **********@yahoo.com
  3. Gurmail

    TN Visa

    Hi Everyone, I am looking to apply for TN visa under "Computer Systems Analyst" position. Can someone please share the employer offer letter. The one I received from the employer is a simple 1 page which I feel does not cover all the aspects. Any help will be highly appreciated.
  4. Gurmail

    Application to fill out for TN1

    HI, what job position are you applying? Have you already entered the US on TN?