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  1. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    Return to US after Denial in Canada??

    Hello vins, controrary to what you may have heard... even if your visa is denied... as long as you have a valid visa on your passport and the consular office does not put a stamp of “cancelled without prejudice” on the valid visa... you can come back to USA and get your things in order before leaving for good!!
  2. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    H1B LCA Work Location Update

    My employer is also telling me the same thing - I used to work at client for 6 years and have H1b until 2019. But in Jan 2018 the client was laying off and I got a new contract position with a new client in a different state. The client was already told about my situation (Wife working in the old state and little kids) and they agreed to let me Work remotely after being at their location for 2-3 months. An Amendment was filed as soon as I moved to the new location and then in April they let me work remotely with a condition that I have to come to their location once every 2 months (for a week - meetings etc). Now My employer is saying that he can withdraw the amendment since my MSA has not technically changed after starting to work remotely. My pay rate has increased though. I do not know which is the right way or not - waiting to hear back from our attorney. My Model is EC.
  3. Hello, Are there any updates on your case? I am in similar boat - though I had to start working for a different client in another state, they let me wor k remotely from my state only. My employer filed for an Amendment, but now says we do not need it since I am working from the original state/MSA for which I already have an approved H1B.
  4. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    221(G) Approval Notification

    You will get an email from them. Passport submission wont be shown in the DS-160 status. They will just update the processing date to the day they sent the email. My email came to my inbox in gmail, but someone I know got his in the spam folder. May be check there too.
  5. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    Baby - Visa stamping Vancouver Canda

    When i was in Vancouver a couple of months ago, I saw a couple take their toddler with them for the Visa Interview. I knew the parents were there for their work visa stamping, but the security let them enter the consulate through the US Citizens line. I do not remember if they carried a bag with stuff for the kid, but you can call the consulate and ask them.
  6. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    Vancouver : Passport pickup location

    If your hotel is in downtown vancouver, choose Canada post main ofifce at 349 West Georgia st. it is about 5min walk from the consulate.
  7. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    I am not sure about physically submitting the passport. I have only heard one case where they asked a person to submit the passport physically. Typically I think it is through Mail. Also, I dont think you can send your passport via mail internationally.
  8. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    Hyderabad's Dropbox experience

    One of my friends was in the same boat 2 weeks ago in Hyderabad. He got a call from the US-Visa Info people that he needs to attend an interview on Oct 19th. they did not give him any option to change the date. He went to the interview and the VO asked him to name a few places around the client location (Like Gas Station, some hotel or McDonalds). My friends answered them and his Visa was approved. He is back in the US now.
  9. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    You can reply to the email you got from the consulate with all those documents (I think you must have got the email from Advanced Processing unit in Hyderabad). I would also suggest attaching a copy of email from your client manager listing all the different projects you are working on currently. Also in the email, give the contact information of your client(Email and Phone number). Your case looks like a simple client verification. I was in the same boat 3 weeks ago in Canada. The consulate emailed my client and approved my Visa as soon as she replied. You can check my posts in this forum. Good luck!
  10. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    221G in Canada: What you need to know

    For people stuck in Vancouver and staying in Downtown - The below restaurants are cheap are have free Wi-Fi 1. Shenanigans on Robson - Super Fast WiFi and cheap Beer/food 2. Tap Shack (All NFL games played on sunday). Great collection of local beer 3. All Star Wings and Ribs - Felt this to be better than BWW 4. Spicy 6 - Great Indian food I personally felt the frustration of staying there for 12 days(2 weekends included) and was kind of miserable for the first few days. But don't let that get to you and try to stay positive and have a good time. (Easier said than done and believe me I KNOW!!!). Good Luck to everyone stuck on 221G and hope it resolves soon.
  11. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    Passport & I-797 Name Mismatch

    In my friends case, his first name was spelled wrong in the approved I-797. He works for the same company as I am and he filed an amendment to fix the name. Did not charge my friend anything.
  12. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    h1b stamping with email approval

    You atleast need a copy of i797. I read a post where a person went to stamping in Canada with a photocopy of i-797 and it went fine for him.
  13. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    H1B Stamping in Canada

    Yes. you can go to Canada or Mexico for stamping, I got my extension stamping done last week.
  14. Canucks_H1bRenewal

    221g White Slip Vancouver

    My Case Update: I got my Visa Issued on Oct 17th and now back in the USA. I got an email on Oct 11th from the embassy that said : So I logged into the appointment booking website which now had a link to print some document. You have to send that document, Passport and DS-160 email instructions. Got an email from Canadapost that passport was delivered to consulate on OCT 12th. On thursday starting at 1.00PM the Canadapost online services were down. So I went to Canadapost on friday(OCT 14th) to check if they had my passport. They did not. The CEAC website still said my case was in Administrative processing but I went to the consulate too on Friday to see if they would let me pick my passport. Some person over there checked for my passport, said my visa was not ready and gave me a pickup ticket to pick up the passport on Monday(OCT 17th). I picked up the passport on monday (the Stamping was for 3 years) and took a bus to Seattle. On the border, I was asked who do I work for and I answered it. The officer gave me the i94 and said welcome back. My Experience from this : In Canada the processing times are much faster and they reply to your emails. Though I had to wait an extra week, I think the consulate went as fast as they could in processing my case.
  15. They emailed my client. Generally the email goes out around 2-3PM Pacific time.