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  1. Hello, I am currently working on a J-1 visa which is going to expire by 10th, jan,2017. My organisation has already processed the extention papers for next year and I have my new ds form extended upto jan 2018 and my i-94 says upto D/S. I am willing to travel in dec,2016 for a period of three weeks and will be back by first week of jan,2017. 1. Is it recommended to travel five days befor visa expires from india? If not travel before how long is safe even with proper documents? 2. I can get my visa renewed since i have all the proper documents via drop-box facility but fortunately I have been stamped as "bearer not subjected to 221(e)" on my current visa and DS 2019, I fear if renewing it might alter it? Is there a chance for that to happen or will i be stamped the same again once its done the first time. Thank you for your time, kindly respond.