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  1. imssv

    Re entry back to USA with H1b stamping expiring in 2 weeks.

    I travelled back to USA just a day before my visa stamp was expiring. All the officer asked was for new approved i797.
  2. Hello everyone. I need some help. My current h1-b stamp on passport expires on 7th March 2019 and my i797 and i94 is valid till 17th Oct 2019. I have plans of traveling outside US next summer and hence I will need a valid visa to enter back. In this case can I get visa re-stamped to my passport on same i797 either this year or January 2019? Has anyone been in similar situation?
  3. imssv

    221g Issued at London Embassy

    I got an email on 3rd March to submit my passport and travel details. I sent my passport on 6th March. Any idea how soon I can get my passport back?
  4. imssv

    221g Issued at London Embassy

    Hi thanks for your reply. So do you know how long to do they usually take? Also what is the possible outcome?
  5. Hi, I attended H1-B visa interview in London on 13th February as I was in London for work. VO asked me basic question and then asked for my resume and employment letter. After that he returned my passport back to me along with 221g and said we need to further look into your application please submit your passport once you get an email in 4-5 weeks and you do not need to schedule for another interview. He kept my original i797 along with my resume and employment letter and not further documents were asked. Since I have my passport and multiple entry UK visa I am flying to India and will come back once I receive email asking for passport. Anyone faced similar issue? What can be the possible outcome?
  6. imssv

    First time H1B Stamping in London

    Hi, I am planning to get my first time H1-B visa stamped in London. Did you get your stamped? Can you share your experience with me? would be a great help. Thanks
  7. Hi All, Hi, I am intending to take the Alaskan cruise next year which has a stoppage at Victoria, Canada for few hours. I have questions about the paperwork needed. Here are my details. I am currently on H1b. I entered US for the first time in Aug, 2013 on F1 visa from India. I got a job and applied for H1 in March 2016 and got approval in May 2016. Since then I have been working. I don't have stamping on my H1b visa in my passport as I did not travel to India after getting the visa, but I have a valid I797 and pay stubs. Can I take the cruise and re-enter US without any issues? Or do I need to have stamping on my H1b visa? Has anyone in similar situation with unstamped H1-B travelled on Alaska Cruise and returned back to US? Your feedback would be of great help. Thanks