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  1. pagladeewana

    Canadian Visitor Visa

    You can apply for visa and in all probability it will be approved . Be honest in declaring everything in the application.
  2. pagladeewana

    DWI/DUI and new USCIS Memo and consequences

    When was H1b approved? did you get any RFE during approval process and which center adjudicated your application?
  3. pagladeewana

    Is Reckless Driving with Open Container CIMT?

    What were the original charges and how are these charges classified in your state ?
  4. pagladeewana

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    I would highly recommend you to file ASAP and get the results before i94 ends. The thing is if they deny your petition before i94 expiry you will at least have time to refile or leave the country and not get into potential NTA mess . The NTA thing as of now is not clear and no one is even sure who is going to get it . But one thing is certain if you have valid i94 they will not issue it. Also USCIS has visibility of your criminal charges as soon as you are fingerprinting . It doesn't matter of they have filed it in your local court or not. The only issue i see is they might ask your for court certified docs and i am not sure how you can reply on that. What did revocation email say? did it say it is only applicable once you depart the country? Was there anywhere a mention that this is prudential revocation? If possible please paste the email to the forum.
  5. pagladeewana

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Did you also get an rfe during extension for court docs?
  6. pagladeewana

    Travel via Abu Dhabi to US with a Dismissed DV Case

    You should be fine . Just carry all the court docs and be ready for secondary.
  7. pagladeewana

    DWI/DUI and new USCIS Memo and consequences

    Did you get a rfe for court documents? and did you ever travel to india after your dui and got restamped?
  8. pagladeewana

    DWI/DUI and new USCIS Memo and consequences

    I think we all are missing one critical part in the PM "This PM will not apply to the use of discretion in adjudicating cases. Guidance on how the enforcement priorities will affect USCIS’ use of discretion in adjudicating cases will be addressed in a separate policy memorandum" The memo clearly says that a separate memo will be released which will have details about discretion which adjudicator can apply while issuing NTA. I dont think they are going to issue NTA in every denial case not for the love or sympathy for anyone but to save themselves from lawsuits and further backlogging of the courts.
  9. pagladeewana

    DUI issue

    You need to apply for TPR. Google about it. Without that in all probability they will deny you entry
  10. pagladeewana

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Another question did you travel to India after your case ? Not sure if you have answered that before
  11. pagladeewana

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    That appears to be good news . Even for normal cases sometime h4 ends up being processed before h1 . Normally it means both have been approved
  12. pagladeewana

    Travel to US on DWI

    I think you will be arrested at the port of entry. You can check court records online if an arrest warrant is active against you . I will be really surprised if you are able to even get visa
  13. pagladeewana

    Visa Revoked - Boarding Denied at Home Country Airport

    It depends if you clear the medical exam . It is going to take anywhere between 4-6 weeks to get the visa. Hope you have all certified court docs they will ask for it I am assuming you are an indian citizen and if your employer allows you can continue working out of india.
  14. pagladeewana

    H1B Stamping with DUI case

    You can send email to the counslate and get the current status of the visa . Also you can check your application status using your appointment id it might have an update date
  15. pagladeewana

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    What were the exact charges you were convicted off ? Was it just DUI or involved something else too like dui with injury etc?