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  1. kumar1128

    221g administrative processing ottawa

    Move your case to where ever you are from and move from Ottawa.
  2. Dude, with 2nd time DUI it is risky to appear for an interview but you can't stop the marriage so go ahead and in a worst case you will get 221g. Be prepared
  3. kumar1128

    Us consulate ottawa

    Get an email from the client manager about the client's policy of not issuing the letters.
  4. No he cant sponsor unless you both get married.
  5. kumar1128

    221g and asked to submit passport

    Whats the status? Did you get your passport?
  6. kumar1128

    H1b - 221G Blue slip issued Chennai Consulate

    It will take 4-6 weeks to complete the Admin Processing.
  7. kumar1128

    email PIMS for stamping?

    This one don't work even if you send them an email.
  8. kumar1128

    Visa approval after 221G - Time duration?

    It took 3 months for me back in 2012
  9. kumar1128

    H1 Visa (Need to go to India on Family emergency)

    Sure you can come back with out any issues unless your H1 B is revoked by your employer. You already have a job thats why you got H1 and H1 Visa. At POE all they care about is your employer. I know people who came back even after 1 year with a valid visa. Payroll is not needed.
  10. kumar1128

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    You can travel since you have a valid visa. Once you get an email to drop the passport just send them the passport.
  11. kumar1128

    H1 Stamping-First time in Extension

    If you did MS here you can go to canada if not then home country.
  12. kumar1128

    221g Admin Processing White Slip Hyderabad

    If it is under admin processing or additional admin processing it will take 2-3 months especially during this holiday season. I was stuck in India for more than 3 months. It could take less for you as it varies by case. Yes your wife can travel back if she can manage with out you. Good luck
  13. So if it is NO PIMS and in canada it will take max 4 business days for the visa to be issued and 1 extra day for passport pick up. If it is India or else where it might take more days.
  14. Actually i just checked our passports and on sticker there is something written as "TCN" don't know thats code for NO PIMS but VO told me during the interview that my petition is not in their system.