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  1. Hello! I am scheduled to get married in July in India (I am on H1-B visa) and my wife will be requiring an H-4. We were planning to schedule her H-4 interview appointment on July 18th or July 19th. However, we are learning she could find a work opportunity in the US and will be required to file an L1-B visa. My question - Say we fill out DS-160 and have a confirmed appointment for H-4 visa. I only learn later that her employer wants to move ahead and file for L1-B. Is she allowed to submit a new DS-160 (for L1-B visa category) and retain the same appointment date? Or would she have to cancel the existing appointment and re-submit DS-160 and book a fresh appointment for L1-B? Has anyone cancelled/rescheduled appointments and gone for a different visa category after reschedule? Thank you!
  2. kedar_89

    New passport, new employer H1-B stamp

    Thank you! I filled up my visa application and the system DID tell me to use drop-box. Saves me a trip to the consulate! :)
  3. Hello! I am newbie here and any guidance/thoughts from veterans would be much appreciated! Here's my case: 1) My very first I-797 from Employer A was issued Oct 01, 2014 thru July 31, 2017. 2) I switched jobs July last year (H1-B transfer approved) and the I-797 from my new employer (Employer B) is valid July 27, 2015 to June 21, 2018. 3) The H1-B stamp in my current passport (passport expires 09/2017) is from Employer A (stamp valid until July 31,2017). Can I drop-box my new passport and my old cancelled passport to have the H1-B visa stamped on my new passport? (I meet all the drop-box requirements, but there is no mention of /old passports restrictions). Or would I need an interview in Mumbai? What is the best route to get the new H1-B stamp in my new passport? Thank you!