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  1. I have an approved H1B until February of 2020 and I am planning to work remotely from Canada. Both my employer and the Lawyer say it’s ok for me to work from Canada and they say it should have any impact on my h1b. My payroll will still continue to be run from usa from my employer. My question here is that can I continue doing this and if yes then how long? Does it impact my ability to come back to usa later and will it impact my green card processing when it become current? I have heard different stories from different folks but want to see if anyone here has any knowledge on this topic.
  2. Hi All, Have a question regarding I140 revocation, if my employer revokes my I140 will i be able to reuse the priority date in future through different employer. Are there any cases where the priority date is not captured?
  3. I had filed my amendment for a client change on January 5th 2016, its been 9 months since but the case is still in pending state. Is there anything i can do to expidiate this other than converting it to premium. I am thinking that if my project gets done and have to move to new, what would be the best step here to take. Any feedback will be appreciated.
  4. sanilmar

    Non-Compete Agreement, Is there a way out?

    I am in a similar situation but one difference my current employer had only noted that i cannot join the client or vendor without a written approval from them. It doesnt say anything about time, money etc. They had an agreement with the vendor which says if the client wants to hire me they have to let me go for certain amount. Can i still move to the client full time or its not possible?
  5. sanilmar

    H4EAD validity after I140 is revoked

    @rahul412 thanks for your reply! If by the time her EAD is due for extension I have a new I140 from other employer will I be able to use that to extend. Can an i140 be revoked by the employer if you stay with them for more than 6 months after approval?
  6. I have an approved i140 from my current employer with over 6 months. I am in between changing my employer to new one who will refile my PERM/i140 but that will take some time to be approved. In meanwhile will my wife's HEAD still be valid if my older employer revokes the i140 after i join the new employer?